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  1. If your collecting high grade cibs you are already knee deep in. If a component of the cib is available I would just keep upgrading. Im trying to do that with my tyson to 9.4.
  2. My buddy is about to 10 day a bunch of nes so I will report back on speed after done.
  3. I just warp zoned an smb 2 and once they received it, the next day they graded it, following day shipped it. So they were on it but that was a warp.
  4. I think its just me getting my mind around it because I was gone for so long. Its only been a month catching up on everything so I just need to get used to the way things are nowadays. The shock factor is still there on some of these.
  5. This is “sealed wholesale” who posted that vga 90 LoZ in the graded thread on this forum...
  6. Just coming back to the hobby this is my first experience of frustration. I get the price spikes and dips, always had them albeit now its exponential. Its the capitalistic reselling mentality and the most prized grails just trading hands for constant profit. This is what, the 2nd highest recorded sale behind SMB and the owner is already trying to flip it 5 months later? 5 months...... How much does this owner and his business partner really care for the actual game. Next to nothing. Sealed collectors back on NA set the roots for all of this, bronty, 1upped, jone, blarky, list goe
  7. I get your opinion. I’m just responding to your initial question about why they still graded it a 9 with writing on it since you followed up.
  8. I spoke to WATA directly and they stated because it is an authenticated autograph the signature on the box will not affect the grade itself. The reason why it graded a 9 is because of the minor wear. It has a significant bend back crease and some light scratching. That is why I contacted them first. If the signature were to affect the grade I wouldn’t have graded it to begin with and the only reason they were willing to grade it is because I had proof through PSA. WATA is apparently coming out with some sort of signature series of their own but I don’t know details.
  9. Back for good this time! Wife doesnt want anymore kids.
  10. Yeah if its like 100-300 i should just look for a new copy. Maybe sell this one when I find another. Thanks for the info though.
  11. I actually did use museum glass but its the actual crappy sub frame inside that rubbed and discolored it. So sad.
  12. About 10 years ago I had a cheap ass framing company frame it. There was a sub frame inside the big frame that rubbed against the borders of the cover. Finally took it out last week and see pics. The entire border is discolored! If it wasnt for the discoloration I think this copy would CGC at 9.2ish. No bends/creases anywhere, every single page is mint, all inserts. Couple tiny scuffs on the back. The frame added a couple dings too. RIP.
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