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  1. Are the chips on these unlicensed games mask rom or eprom?
  2. Or if you have a heat gun, you could just heat the solder
  3. If you ever use Brasso on pins, be extremely sure that all of it gets removed with multiple alcohol cleanings. Like at least 5 additional alcohol cleanings. The Brasso will appear to be all gone, but there’s always a little bit more on there. You might also want to try using the cotton swab dry a few times because sometimes the wetted cotton swabs won’t pick up that last little bit of Brasso.
  4. I also think it’s a great game. However, I still prefer Super Metroid. I am playing through it again to see if it was nostalgia or truly great game design. So far I am observing that Super Metroid is just simply a smash hit from all angles. As you stated, the environments in Super Metroid are much more memorable. I think part of it was that the environments in Super Metroid were more ‘natural’. In Dread they tried to make everything a composite of nature and a rustic colony. This was especially a bummer in the water world, I was hoping for an open water world, but it seemed to much like you were in a giant aquarium, just like Metroid Fusion. Another big one was the music. The music in Dread was basically ambient sound.. music is SOOOO mportant to the experience in a game, I am surprised they chose to go this route, especially considering that they were probably referring directly to Super Metroid as a blueprint. Super Metroid probably gets a lot more love than is due to it and probably more than people are even aware due to its masterpiece soundtrack. I still like Metroid Dread lot, and I think these things don’t take away from it too much. And honestly if they wanted to make this game really great they could probably just release some DLC update to improve a few things.
  5. Retranslated meaning it’s an unofficial repro made by some garage operation? Kind of like Timewalk games…?
  6. There ARE strict parental controls already. That’s why the kid friendly argument from Nintendo sounds hollow .
  7. I took probably 20 tries before I could beat the last boss. Now I can beat him pretty much flawlessly
  8. I think it’s technically still accurate with or without the expansion since N64 and Genesis are still considered classic games. Also it would be a more closer to apples to apples comparison to do the expansion pack rather than the $20 option considering the volume of games available on the Sony and XBox service. I don’t like being negative about this, but I don’t think it’s just me or even a small faction being unfair. If you just search for ‘Switch online’ everything has a negative slant to it.When there’s a large portion of the intended audience that find the service indigestible, it’s time for Nintendo to recalibrate
  9. Do you think it still has room to grow? Is it going to be a new platform with a huge following, or is it just a publicity stunt that will get abandoned?
  10. Ha I wasn’t aware of these things. In his defense, cocaine and heroine were probably not illegal in his day. I’d have to say though he must have been a real douchebag if he really blamed the children. The quote still sounds good though
  11. This was a game we rented as kids. Normally we would play rentals endlessly for the 3-4 days that we had them. Superman 64, we gave maybe 2 hours and decided we’d return the game early
  12. I’d happily pay $100 a year if it meant an improved online gaming experience. It’s not about the money. I refuse to support Nintendo Switch Online if it is just going to be Virtual Console 2.0 Add some new online features dammit. Seriously playing online games on Switch is lame. You connect with random strangers, who you can’t even talk with. All you can do is send them a or a . And then after a play session, you never see or hear from them again. If you enjoyed playing with that person, too bad there’s no way to ever connect again. You may as well just be playing with a bot, you’d never know the difference. Connecting with friends is also lame. You need to share some giant string of digits as a friend code. Why can’t they just make it simple like the other services? There’s no onboard messaging service either. Basically you can only connect with people you know in real life who explicitly send you their friend code by an external means like text message on your cellphone. Nintendo hides behind this myth that it doesn’t offer these features in order to protect children from cyber predators. They have already implemented a system of parental controls to limit specific functionality, why not just use that to protect the children? Also what are they referencing to justify this claim that the cyber predators will harm the kids through online services? Is there a cyber predator crisis present on Steam, PlayStation or XBOX online services??
  13. I touched on this in one of my previous posts in this thread. First and foremost, this is an “online service”, hence the name. It’s not a new version of virtual console. When it first came out they rightly acknowledged the shortcomings of the service, offered it for free and they said they would work hard to improve the service. Well they added NES games and then started charging $20 for it. Ok fair enough. Maybe they needed some money to get the capital to build the required infrastructure. That was in 2018. Now it is almost 2022. The only upgrade we’ve seen to the online service is cloud saving (for some games). To be frank the online service sucks. They’re not even trying to improve it. Now they’re wanting to charge $50 for more games…? What ever happened to working hard to make this service “world-class” ?? The reason they started charging $20 in the beginning was to acknowledge that this service didn’t have the same level of features as XBox Live or PlayStation Network. Well now they want to charge the same price as those services, but we still don’t have the same level of features. How do you justify that?
  14. It’s not about the price. It’s about whether you want to reinforce bad behavior
  15. They have already enabled Bluetooth audio device pairing on Switch now. So you get a Bluetooth headset with audio+microphone. There’s many different ways of implementing voice chat, but the most basic implementation would be to have constant voice chatting between all people that are actively playing a game together. You could also have the option to mute people that are too loud/annoying. A richer experience would be to enable voice chatting between you and your friends that are online even if you are not actively playing a game together. This is for planning what games you want to play together. At the end of the day, you really just need to do what XBox Live does. Even if you don’t have all the features, at least have some of them. I mean if Nintendo was just acting like they were trying, I’d be happy. But honestly I feel like they just don’t care
  16. I’m no expert on this subject, but I believe voice data would essentially double the bandwidth requirements per user on the server. Let’s say 30kbps for gaming data and additional 30kbps for voice. You have 80 million switch users, let’s say 20% online at a time, so 16 million streaming users. Also have to account for downloading games and updates. Additionally you may want extra servers for redundancy. In the end it’s a lot of servers. For reference, here is a 2013 article on XBox data centers: https://www.datacenterknowledge.com/archives/2013/05/24/microsoft-will-back-xbox-one-300000-servers Basically saying original 2002 XBox Live started with 500 servers. With 360, they bumped it to 3,000 servers. By 2013 XBox Live was supported by 15,000 servers and they eventually beefed up to 300,000 servers. Nintendo won’t need 300,000 servers, because they probably won’t be doing cloud gaming. But even the bare minimum like what the XBox Live service launched with was 500 servers, which is basically a small datacenter. I think with Switch we should at least be at the level that the 360 was at in terms of online gaming features
  17. It does, in the USA we have the shootings. In the UK they don’t have guns so they knife people, run them over with cars, detonate improvised explosives and throw acid in peoples faces.
  18. I always thought that they were going to release improved features as time went on. And they did with cloud saves.. but since then nothing else really got added. They say that the reason they are limiting networking and messaging features and voice chat is to protect the children. I don’t buy that. I suspect that they wouldn’t be able to support voice chat even if they wanted to. Voice data uses up too much bandwidth, which is why the games that do support voice chat send the voice chat through your mobile providers network rather than the Nintendo network. And I don’t want to hear that we are lacking a robust friend networking and chatting system because we need to protect the children when we already have a robust parental controls system implemented and we have mature games with actual nudity and violence available on the system now. If we need to protect the children, can’t we just limit these features for children’s accounts with parental controls? I suspect the real reason we don’t have modern online social/networking features on Switch online is that Nintendo simply doesn’t want to invest in making it more robust and they think that people are still gonna pay up even if they don’t improve the service. There’s really no excuse for not having voice chat nowadays. Back in the day it was understandable because it would have required for Nintendo to build a data center which is a huge investment and takes tremendous planning to get right in the beginning also significant costs to maintain. But today we have pay as you go multi tenant data centers that rent out server bandwidth and allow you to scale up as needed. There’s really no initial investment or maintenance requirements, you just pay a subscription fee and the data center handles all the specialized work and maintenance. It’s 2021, Nintendo needs to get with the times
  19. Just finished 98 percenting Metroid Dread. I couldn’t get enough so I started replaying Super Metroid after not having played for years. I have watched speedruns and saw people get Super Missiles early by doing a running jump and turning into the morph ball really quickly upon landing. Well to my surprise, I was able to perform this secret move on my first try and get the Super missiles! I thought I was just that good, so then I tried it again… actually I was just lucky, because I couldn’t do it again after like a dozen or so tries, so I just moved on. In red Brinstar I went up instead of down and performed some precise wall jumps to get two packs of power bombs. Then I went to Kraids lair. When facing Kraid, my intent was to just have fun. I would not use any missiles or Super missiles, only charge shots. While I was playing around I discovered if you go real aggressive and run right into him, you will actually climb up him. I never dared to try this when I was younger because I was always too scared to get close. Doing this you can actually murder him with missiles, kinda like you would in a quick time event in Metroid Dread. This was really fun, I will post a video soon. If nobody has done this yet, I’m gonna Name this method “Kraid riding”
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