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Diablo 4 Announced


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1 minute ago, RalliArtEvo said:

Going to be a while before we actually get to play it, but oh boy does it look GOOD. So excited they made it more in the style of D1&2. I did really enjoy 3 too, but the graphics had a different feel from the first two that I didn't like as much. Still a great game though.

Gimme the graphics of 1&2 and the gameplay flow of 3, with the loot of 2. Improve it a little for modern nuance. Mmmmmyis.

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Graphics look cool, but it doesn't really tell us anything yet. I'm interested in the items, skills, and endgame. I enjoyed D3 but thought it was a bit of a letdown coming off D2, and as far as I'm concerned Path of Exile is currently on top of the genre, so they need something new that beats POE, not something that incrementally improves D3.

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I’m glad they decided to go more dark with the color scheme. Diablo 3 always looked weird compared to the first two games.

I really hope they change the items back to a Diablo 2 style where you can find an end game viable item at a lower than max level and also fix the pvp shit show they had in D3.  I loved dueling in D2 it was what kept me hunting for items for a long ass time.  In D3 nobody wanted to duel because it sucked.

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