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  1. Lol ..No problem..And I don’t blame you $2000 is a little high for a “loose “FS2 ,even if it is minty ..
  2. There are several listings for nice to almost mint condition copies on EBay ..
  3. I have a very large collection,but these items are my most prized in my collection..
  4. Good Luck with that man ..
  5. Lol ..Ok whatever ..I am more of a collector then you will ever be ,you are a little kid that probably still lives with their mommy and daddy ..Everyone who knows me ,and has dealt with me knows what kind of collection I have ..Like I said before you have no leg to stand on ,peace dude !
  6. Dude ,you are the one full of shit ..You want $4000 worth of stuff for a cart that is not even worth that amount ..Folks can ,and do change their minds about stuff .After doing some research I have come to the conclusion that I over paid ,but I did not even change my mind about our transaction until you made an issue out of it ..I was going to let it go ,but you got greedy ..I had offered to trade back your cart ,which you declined ..I hope you know that because you are stating that the “transaction “was not completed technically the items traded on both sides still belong to the original o
  7. There is one listed on eBay right now,with the lunch box for $6000 ..lol
  8. Ok thanks,I will definitely look out for you as well if I come across another Capcom valiant..
  9. I am also looking for a Playtronic valiant MM6 as well ,do you know of where I can locate one ?
  10. Yeah ,these 3 NES items are the pinnacle of my collection..Especially my NWC cart..lol
  11. Other than my Grey NWC cart and my M82 demo unit ,this MM valiant is probably the only cart NES item that would not part with for any reason..
  12. I do have a “loose “copy of the Capcom Label MM6 ..
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