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Wtb/ trade for Gameboy/Gameboy color/Gameboy advance


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Revives from the dead


edit: if I don't respond quickly it's not because I'm ignoring you, I'm just  exhausted. Everytime I'm awake it feels like I've been up for 3 days even after sleeping 12 hours. But rest assured I don't consider anyone's messages go be below or a waste of my time, I'll get back to you! But I'll be playing in Dreamland most the time 

Also note I would prefer for buy but thats not for everyone, so  i have a few things

Like 15ish psp games, popular name titles i think but not incredibly valuable

I have probably the worst condition dk 64 with a box from hfil that makes me sad when I look at it. Console is fine! Comes with expansion papers and dk

A few boxed nes games I cant name off hand.


Can provide board pics/times stamps and am even willing to send a picture of my blockbuster gift card with my name on it, which is 100% full proof 

Also have an extra pikachu 64 with controller and expansion and cords  and what not. Wouldnt be easy trade for but if is extra

Also have alot of random stuff and some access to a place you can get anything.  Going to that warehouse is a bit depressing as it has everything you could ever want. And ik the owner and got store credit.


Again, atm preference is to buy


Also sorta on a mini hunt for a nomad. I'd be interested in having one again



Hello there! Recently started collecting cib gb/gbc/gba games. I'm open to almost any game, save for insane shovelware manuals, safety pamphlets, etc are useful as well

I also collect not for resale gb/gbc/gba carts. 


Open to anything I dont have. I BOUGHT  ME ANOTHER SHELF 


Might be able to be convinced to buy loose.


Lists for sure help on what you have


Message me if you have anything you'd part with!


I've also thoroughly enjoyed speaking with other gameboy collectors so even if you dont have anything to sell I bet we would make fast friends. 

















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On 6/6/2021 at 11:19 PM, Wokcombo said:

Just wondering,  do you have a price limit on how much you want to spend on total? Also,  are you looking for basic CIB, or are you wanting inserts as well?

Inserts are always awesome. Limits come from paycheck to paycheck but I usually drop around 400 per check. Not that would buy me a whole lot but I've had one awesome seller work with me and we will be doing more business I'm sure tomorrow. 



Also kirbys mirror bought 

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On 6/28/2021 at 12:06 PM, RH said:

Any chance you need/want straight GB carts?  From when I was collecting my complete set, I have over 200 duplicates I need to sell/move.  If so, PM me and let's see if we can help each other out.

I always look at lists. I have a place to get manuals and boxes (oem) and sometimes I can complete a game sorta cheap. Send me a list?

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On 6/28/2021 at 8:09 AM, Wokcombo said:

I tried, you won't take my games lol

Sorry again friend, i have 2 doff sort of doctors and apparent lousy insurance and came close to having a stroke.


Lol and now I can call you a liar because  I did buy a nice game from you 🙂

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