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  1. Well, I've been struck by a darned dropshipper (didn't have the merchandise, shipped something that was not in the picture at all). However, their choice of how to run a business led me to discover ASI region Game Boy games. I knew about CHN and a bunch of European like FAH, HOL, NOE, etc., but this is the first time I ever saw an ASI, which apparently pertains to Singapore releases. This is not what I wanted, so it is being returned tomorrow. Maybe every GB fan knows about ASI, but I thought I'd leave some info about it. Here is a the TMNT 2 cart. The label is stamped. What really surprised me is the board is not a glob-top like CHN carts. Even more weird is the code on the ROM is TTE, which is the same as the American cart for English. I guess they just slap that inside carts, if they aren't translating them. It's pretty neat. I have some CHN stuff carts, boxes, etc.. I don't want ASI carts, so it's going back to the dropshipper who fooled me into thinking they weren't a dropshipper. Here are pics of the cart, label stamp, and board. I tried inserting them, but no worky https://i.imgur.com/aPs6vql.jpeg https://i.imgur.com/R3bEecF.jpeg https://i.imgur.com/zWlpUys.jpeg .
  2. Why not reserve a post for links directly to posts with images? You could alphabetize the list so things would be easy to find. There was a thread on Sega Age where people opened sealed games to officiate findings. This was a while back where people might guffaw at opening a sealed Punisher for Sega Genesis, but they wouldn't have a stroke. The most I can offer is my original collection purchased back in the day plus multiple screen grabs from over 10 years of watching certain titles. I will note that variants of inserts are a thing with / without outside box changes. Since this isn't being unsealed right now, I imagine the thread could have multiple posts of the same game and readers would have to decide which complete is correct or how complete they want their game.
  3. Were these part of the toy line or exclusive to the game? I have a mountain made of plastic with little caves for the figures. This was not the normal packaging of four figures. I'm pretty sure it was an entire series.
  4. Yes, from Goodwill store auctions, multiple times. They have some shady people working for them. The items pulled were always the gem or expensive games. I bought one lot that had five games pulled. Being that they own the site, they have control, unlike a Mercari, ebay, Amazon, who treat their sellers like trash when a buyer misuses the return policy, but will protect you when a seller does something like this.
  5. Let me push back a little, in a friendly way. _How does this site improve upon features already in VGPC? _The site has a UI for phones / chunky fingers. Is that your target userbase? As a desktop-user, I find phone UI on desktop browsers are cumbersome and slow, requiring more scrolling a finagling to show all data onscreen. As an example, your site leaves half the width of the page devoted to box art. The other half is data. You could fit more data and increase legibility, if you reduced the space devoted to photos. That doesn't mean leaving things in the current left-right split setup. _I can read the graph data, but the colors chosen are similar shades of purple rather than being more distinct. Why shade / fill the area under the curve, if you are just tracking linear price data (value / time)? _Is there a way you can grab data older than 2023? Trends are a big thing. _How does your site grab data? VGPC recently stated they were adding AI to make better evaluations of listings to categorize them better than simply text. This means better organization by loose / cib / sealed, but also variants like Greatest Hits, black label, and other variants. I don't know how much AI is implementation there. In the past, I have emailed directly to add sales of variants or those which weren't caught by their system. _How does your site evaluate condition as there are estimates shown for acceptable, good, and excellent? I'm not sure how to treat this competitor. My main reason for referring to Game Value Now was that it recorded images of listings. The non-free VGPC has this feature now. The site as it stands is slow, cumbersome, and lacks years of data. I understand it's a work in progress.
  6. This insert was only included in the later pink grid boxes (like the image shared by hst), not the earlier orange / black grid boxes.
  7. I'm no expert, but I checked my records. I looked at a picture of Christmas '90 when we got the Game Boy. With my magnifying lens, I can see no bag around Tetris. Since this is Christmas 1990, that is a year after the GBW debut (black / orange grid box, not later pink grid). I also have found several early CIB Game Boys at garage sales. Earlies (including the one in my Christmas photo) always had styrofoam trays. Earlies did not have that Nintendo sticker seal as shown in RH's post and were not packed in cardboard trays. They had no seal at all. The earlies I had found were DMG-GBTR-USA-3 and DMG-GBTR-USA-1. The two 3's were very CIB with a You've Got Your Game Boy tips brochure, system manual, Tetris manual, and Important Notice insert about how to stick the cartridge into the Game Boy for dum-dums. The link cable and headphones were still in their baggies. Now, I can't be certain about how much tampering the garage sale finds had before I found them, but considering I pulled them from garages of people who hadn't seen them in 30 years, I doubt much tampering went on to make appeal to retro fans. These were finds from people who didn't know the had old games until I asked. However, consider that little plastic bags are not seen as valuable to most. The Christmas '90 photo should be more helpful, but the instructions for a Lightboy cover most of the tray items, except the headphones and the non-bagged Tetris. Make of that info what you will. Maybe you can find archived VHS camcorder vids. My suggestion is to search the Youtube channel My Retro Life for videos based on the original Game Boy. The guy had a father who camcorded a lot of videogame experiences.
  8. When did Sega move from plastic trays to cardboard inside GG games? I have a better understanding of when Nintendo moved from plastic to cardboard inside GB games.
  9. What causes an Amazon product page to disappear? Legit / non-bootleg games which used to be accessible now show stupid dogs instead of listings Ironically, searching on Amazon sometimes yields bootleg versions' product pages. Usually search yields 1000 things not related to what I typed.
  10. I found the YT member: handheldgamefan Further, MAME started dumping / recreating LCD games several years back. I believe the program ROMs were dumped and art recreated. I'm sure there's a list of games in the LCD category. The category covers all LCD games: Tiger, Nintendo, etc.
  11. An incomplete database I use is handheld museum. They have pictures. There is a niche community for these that pay out the wazoo for the rare ones--working or not--such as the talking Beavis and Butt-head tiger. There is one such ecstatic user who clips old promotional ads / reels which feature never released games and post WTB on several sites. Don't be fooled. I can't find any evidence that these were made. In my personal experience, I never came across them either back in the day. Another resource is a user on youtube who plays lcd games. I never bookmarked the channel. They are older vids (10 years?) with low res, bad lighting, and the guy filming had cp or marfan which made understanding what was going on, let alone see things, difficult. He posted tons of tiger LCD game playthroughs though. Search an obscure tiger LCD game and sort by oldest first sorting in Google video search. He's definitely a good resource, if you can find him. I'm not sure if the Tiger are poorly made, but I do notice many with screens that bleed or that don't show anything. Maybe it's an issue similar to disc rot, which probably would make collecting overall cheaper (though, as mentioned earlier, some rares fetch high prices even broken). Some of these are decent, but then I realize, I have way better things that can entertain me. Many have the same gameplay with different graphics. They look nice on the shelf though.
  12. There were larger scale cars available than those pictured in this thread (maybe about 2.5 to 3 times as long). If you search magmas on ebay, you'll see the larger ones. I remember buying my large ones for $5 each in a bin full of them at Best Buy. The ones I remember are Smash Bros, DK64, Yoshi Story, and Zelda OOT. I don't recall seeing the Mario 64 and Starfox designs in the larger scale. Also, the smaller cars were not sold at my Best Buy. I can't recall where I saw them at the time.
  13. Someone fill me in on the scam going on here. -I bought a high dollar game on Amazon at well under market -Sold by 3rd party seller, but shipped from Amazon warehouse (FBA) -I've seen this seller on Amazon. Normally they handle shipping from their location. -Received game, opened it, and was surprised that its board was completely different and strangely sabotaged (ROM was ripped off). -Applied for return and was instantly granted one as is the case with any item shipped from Amazon (minus food and personal use items). I didn't have to wait for seller approval. I chose "sent the wrong item." Does the seller get reimbursed / keep their money for all returns on items FBA? I've seen feedback for sellers crossed-out / removed--legitimate negative feedback--with additional text underneath, stating the item was FBA. The feedback thing is definitely a loophole and doesn't hurt Amazon nor the seller (buyer can choose to buy elsewhere though). I'm suspicious of the return FBA thing being a loophole too. My suspicions are: -Seller (sosa) bought a bad game in a lot -Determined that the game was bad -Sent game to Amazon's "experts" who give the check that the seller is selling an authentic item (similar to those GameStop "experts" did for their site a several years back) -Buyer purchases bad merch and get refunded immediately -Seller makes profit off bad merch when Amazon lets them keep money from sale. I'm not familiar at all with selling on Amazon, so this is the loophole I suspect is in returns. I don't care if they are the "bad guy" or the "big guy." The more people say it's OK to screw over Amazon or some seller because they screwed over someone in the past, the more this behavior seems excusable / allowable. If people want to be treated right, they have to consistently follow the rules and be responsible. It's why people expect stop lights to regulate traffic. Yes, I also noticed the label is not authentic. It's color-faded, but the real giveaway is the thick text used for the product code the bottom left. https://i.postimg.cc/jSTYL5kJ/azPocky.jpg
  14. McDonald's Treasureland and Sonic 3 for Sega Genesis share the same label rot issue that plague Return of the Joker (NES) mentioned in this thread. It's gotta be the glue, right? I have seen perfect Sonic 3s, but never Treasureland. It's common enough among Sega Genesis carts.
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