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Found 25 results

  1. Here is a list of stuff I have for sale, for offer, or trade. Let me know if you are interested or need pictures. I am negotiable on prices so don't be afraid to ask. NES - FS/FT/FO Gun.Smoke (BAR version) - $10 Super Mario Bros. 3 - $10 Monopoly (CIB) - $20 SNES - FS/FT/FO Arkanoid: Doh It Again (CIB) - $50 Super Play Action Football (Sealed) - $120 Super Tennis (CIB) - $20 GAMECUBE - FS/FT/FO Gamecube to Gameboy Advance Link Cable (Sealed) - $40 Wii - FS/FT/FO none GAMEBOY - FS/FT/FO Ducktales (Capcom version (CIB) - $200 Guilty Gear X Advance Edition (CIB) - $50 DS - FS/FT/FO Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded (Sealed) - $40 Ninja Gaiden - Dragon Swords (Sealed) - $40 PLAYSTATION - FS/FT/FO Official Playstation Controller (non analog) - $10 PLAYSTATION 2 - FS/FT/FO Grand Theft Auto III (Sealed First Print) - $150 Neo Geo Battle Coliseum (Sealed) - $20 SEGA - FS/FT/FO none XBOX 360 - FS/FT/FO Batman: Arkham City (Sealed) - $15 Tomb Raider Legend (CIB) - $10 Official Xbox 360 Camo Wireless Controller - $15 MAGAZINE & STRATEGY GUIDES - FS/FT/FO none
  2. I'm looking to get into some more obscure systems this year. Specifically I'm interested in Master System, 32X, Sega CD, PSVR, and TG-16/PC-E CIB games. I'm also interested in pretty much anything CIB. I am happy to consider large lots as well. Please PM or comment. I'm happy to consider any offer for anything. My For Sale/Offer/Trade Thread $$$ Want To Buy - CIB, Good Condition or Better $$$ Sega Master System Games (21) Sega 32X Games (1) Sega CD Games (13) TG-16/PC-E Games (List pending) PSVR (87) Secondary Goal (Sets I want to Finish) - Want To Buy CIB, Good Condition or Better Gamecube Games (list incoming) Wii U Games (list incoming) N64 Games (list incoming) NES items I'm interested in buying. CIB NES Games (NTSC USA) for a Full Set Stadium Events (plan to buy in 2021) NES CIB Variants Athena Blades of Steel - Konami Classic Series Cyberball - Without -1 after box code. No promo version? (unclear if this exists) Mega Man 6 - Blue border Capcom release Mike Tyson's Punch-out - Original release with white bullets on box/cart Monster Truck Rally - Original release without -1 after box code (unclear if this exists) Motor City Patrol - Original release without -1 after box code (unclear if this exists) Simpsons: Bart vs Space Mutants with poster - Original release without -1 after box/poster code NES Posters/Inserts/Extras Al Unser Jr poster California Games - need full size poster without outer blue border Castelian poster Cowboy Kid poster Double Dragon 3 poster Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge poster Incredible Crash Dummies - poster Kid Klown poster Mario is Missing - poster/map (2nd copy for Mario Discovery Series version) Mario's Time Machine - poster Section Z - black and white map Star Force poster Total Recall poster Wacky Races poster Winter Games poster World Champ poster
  3. NES Hangtab CiBs (must be VG+ condition please) - 1942 (mint cart only - but will consider CiB) 3-D Worldrunner Athena Athletic World Commando Deadly Towers Donkey Kong Jr Math Excitebike Gumshoe Ikari Warriors Karate Champ Mighty Bomb Jack Pinball Raid on Bungeling Bay Sky Kid Solomon's Key Stack Up Star Voyager Tennis Trojan Looking to fill some holes in my publisher run sets.... anyone have some strategy guides from these publishers? Kanzen Strategy guide: Virtua Fighter Gamefan strategy guides: Independence Day Gamefan Magazines: Volume 1, Issue 1 Volume 1, Issue 2 Volume 1, Issue 6 Volume 1, Issue 7 Volume 1, Issue 8 Volume 1, Issue 9 Volume 1, Issue 10 Volume 1, Issue 6 Volume 1, Issue 6 Volume 7, Issue 4 Q64 Magazine: 1999 - Fall - Army Men Cover Versus Guide Books (must be good shape with poster): Blockbuster cover variants - please PM #34 - Rayman Arena Official Nintendo Strategy Guides: DS - Animal Crossing: Wild World DS - Nintendogs DS - Pokémon Diamond and Pearl DS - Yoshi's Island DS GB - Pokémon Red and Blue GB - Pokémon Special Edition: Red, Blue and Yellow GBA - Advance Wars: Dual Strike GBA - Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising GBA - Battalian Wars GBA - Donkey Kong Country (GBA Version) GBA - Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls GBA - Final Fantasy III (VI) GBA - Final Fantasy IV Advance GBA - Final Fantasy Tactics Advance GBA - Final Fantasy V Advance GBA - Golden Sun: The Lost Age GBA - Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time GBA - Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga GBA - Metroid Fusion GBA - Metroid Prime Hunters GBA - Metroid: Zero Mission GBA - Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen GBA - Pokémon Myster Dungeon GBA - Pokémon Ranger GBA - Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire GBA - Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island GBA - Super Mario Advance 4: SMB 3 GBA - Wario World GBC - Pokémon Crystal GBC - Pokémon Gold and Silver GBC - Pokémon Trading Card Game GC - Animal Crossing GC - Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance GC - Luigi's Mansion GC - Mario Kart: Double Dash! GC - Metroid Prime 2: Echoes GC - Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door GC - Pikmin GC - Pikmin 2 GC - Pokémon Colosseum GC - Star Fox Adventures GC - Star Fox Assault GC - Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader GC - Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike GC - Super Mario Sunshine GC - Super Smash Bros Melee N64 - Banjo-Kazooie N64 - Banjo-Tooie N64 - F-Zero GX N64 - Jet Force Gemini N64 - Paper Mario N64 - Pokémon Snap N64 - Pokémon Stadium N64 - Pokémon Stadium 2 N64 - Wave Race: Blue Storm Wii - New Super Mario Bros Wii - Pokémon Battle Revolution Wii - Super Paper Mario Sandwich Islands Publishing: 3do Game Secrets #01 3do Game Secrets #02 Awesome Sega Genesis Secrets #05 Awesome Super Nintendo Secrets #02 Awesome Super Nintendo Secrets #03 Awesome Super Nintendo Secrets #04 Final Fantasy VII Furby Official Trainer's Guide Gameboy Color Survival Guide Nintendo 64 Survival Guide Playstation Survival Guide #01 Playstation Survival Guide #02 Playstation Survival Guide #03 Pokemon Fossil Exp Trading Card Game Pokemon Trainer's Survival Guide Shadow Warrior TurboGrafx Related Magazines: Turbo Force: Spring 1993 - Exile Wicked cover Newsletters (looking for any from these companies): Acclaim Inside Juice Vol 1 Number 2 - NBA Jam TE ASMIK Klue Klub Any and all Bandai Gaming News Any and all Capcom Craze Club 1992 Winter Issue Captron Magic Vol III Issue VII - Game Boy Spectacular Vol IV Issue II - Bart v Space Mutants Culture Brain Dec 89 Jan 90 EGM Top Score Issues 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Enix Warrior World Premiere Issue (paying very well) FCI Screenplay Volume 6 - Fall 1992 Natsume News Any and all SNK Super Player Volume 1 Number 2 Volume 2 Number 1 Volume 2 Number 2 Volume 2 Number 3 Volume 2 Number 4 SETA Controlpad Volumes 1,2,3,4,5,10 Taxan Videodiction Volume 1 Number 1 Volume 1 Number 2 Vic Tokai News Any and All Working Designs Direct Line Issue #01 Issue #02
  4. Hey Sages, Jeeves is feeling all warm and fuzzy now that @spacepup has so graciously offered up his wares for @Gloves! Up for auction is a CIB Star Fox 64! Once again, not in perfect condition, so perfect price not asked! https://imgur.com/a/Cjf6Anb All I ask you to do is buy it for the kids!!!!!!! Donate Here! I will personally cover shipping for this one as it is my game that is being sold!!!! I will keep this updated as much as possible so you all know who is in the lead. Also, the processing fees don't have to be covered, but it would be very gracious of you if you cover them. Auction will end at 10:00 pm VGS Time, aka EST, November 30, 2021 Auction will start at $60 USD. Current High Bidder: @NESfiend at $60
  5. Hey Sages, You saw round 1, now comin' atcha with round 2!!!! Up for grabs is a CIB Oscar for the SNES! Please note, once again, condition is not perfect, but we aren't asking perfect prices either! I would personally have this in my collection as yes, the box is a little less than stellar, but it still looks crisp and pretty. Pictures are provided and I will be more than happy to take a picture of anything you want, corner, board, label, instruction page 4, you name it and I will do it. @spacepup has graciously provided the game, and is covering all shipping costs, insurance as well for safety for us all, and wants you to donate directly to @Gloves charity link here. **click on here above for the link** You didn't think he was done trying to get you to the goal did you @Gloves? Have you met spacepup? He is a very generous person. To those of you wondering, why don't you list something I can afford. Well hold on to your butts because Spacepup has said that we should do this as much as possible until the end of the year. Even lower priced items will be up for auction in the coming days! Keep on the lookout!!!! Anyway, without further ado, https://imgur.com/a/FiqAvfl I will keep this updated as much as possible so you all know who is in the lead. Also, the processing fees don't have to be covered, but it would be very gracious of you if you cover them. Auction will end at 10:00 pm VGS Time, aka EST, November 30, 2021 Auction will start at $250 USD. Current High Bidder:
  6. I'm looking for the following, along with the max price I would pay: Mega Man 7 Box ($250) or Mega Man 7 CIB ($650) Mega Man X3 Manual ($250) and Mega Man X3 Box ($350) or Mega Man X3 CIB ($1000) EVO Search for Eden Cart ($300) and EVO Search for Eden Box ($200) or EVO Search for Eden CIB ($600) Please let me know if you're interested.
  7. Revives from the dead edit: if I don't respond quickly it's not because I'm ignoring you, I'm just exhausted. Everytime I'm awake it feels like I've been up for 3 days even after sleeping 12 hours. But rest assured I don't consider anyone's messages go be below or a waste of my time, I'll get back to you! But I'll be playing in Dreamland most the time Also note I would prefer for buy but thats not for everyone, so i have a few things Like 15ish psp games, popular name titles i think but not incredibly valuable I have probably the worst condition dk 64 with a box from hfil that makes me sad when I look at it. Console is fine! Comes with expansion papers and dk A few boxed nes games I cant name off hand. Can provide board pics/times stamps and am even willing to send a picture of my blockbuster gift card with my name on it, which is 100% full proof Also have an extra pikachu 64 with controller and expansion and cords and what not. Wouldnt be easy trade for but if is extra Also have alot of random stuff and some access to a place you can get anything. Going to that warehouse is a bit depressing as it has everything you could ever want. And ik the owner and got store credit. Again, atm preference is to buy Also sorta on a mini hunt for a nomad. I'd be interested in having one again Hello there! Recently started collecting cib gb/gbc/gba games. I'm open to almost any game, save for insane shovelware manuals, safety pamphlets, etc are useful as well I also collect not for resale gb/gbc/gba carts. Open to anything I dont have. I BOUGHT ME ANOTHER SHELF Might be able to be convinced to buy loose. Lists for sure help on what you have Message me if you have anything you'd part with! I've also thoroughly enjoyed speaking with other gameboy collectors so even if you dont have anything to sell I bet we would make fast friends.
  8. Star Code Boxes The prevailing theory used to be that the star indicated the game was given away as a promotional item. However, as per previous discussions on NA and from my personal experience, the preponderance of evidence indicates the addition of a star probably represents an update to the sales and warranty info on side of the box to read "FOR SALE IN USA AND CANADA ONLY (+/- MEXICO)." As far as I can tell, the star code is usually found on first-party Nintendo releases that had an initial circle SOQ release, then continued production as an oval SOQ release. There is one known exception to this rule (Dragon Warrior), which only has an oval SOQ version. It seems that around the time of the switch to the oval SOQ, Nintendo updated their warranty and sales statement on the side of the box. It is likely that many of the first-party games that had their SOQ switched were shipped without the updated statement, hence the requirement for an update and the star revision. This would generally be the last revision for most games that had the star, with the exception of major changes and re-releases (LoZ, LoZ II, and MTPO/Punch-out!!!). I've attached a picture of my MTPO with star code and two copies of Dragon Warrior (-1 without start and-1 with star) for reference. These are NOT the Nintendo Power promotional copies of DW because they are the -1 revision. I don't have a non-star MTPO but I'm pretty sure it does not have the statement. I will thumb through my collection and eventually update this post to be more definitive based on your feedback and my own anecdotal evidence. Please let me know if you have any info to support or refute this theory. Star Code Box Games List (in progress) Star Code Box Pictures Circle-T Manuals Late-gen releases and revisions have a Circle-T symbol on the front cover of the manual. This seems to indicate that the "Projection TV Warning" that was previously included as a separate pack-in sheet, has now been included within the manual. Evidence for this conclusion is two-fold: All manuals with the Circle-T that I have examined have the projection warning Several major re-releases/revisions that added a Circle-T to their manual have been examined and the only notable difference in the manuals is the projection warning. See pics below for examples. Interestingly, very late gen releases (July 1993 and on) drop the Circle-T and the projection warning. Big thanks to @0xDEAFC0DE for reviewing dozens of manuals to contribute to the list below. Circle-T Manuals List (in progress) Circle-T Manuals Pictures Star Code Manuals The prevailing theory is that this star was added to manuals that were revised to include a rear projection TV warning (RPTV). This is usually a brief statement saying "Nintendo recommends against using a rear projection television with your NES as image retention may occur." Some games started with a star on the manual then lost it on a revision (NES Play Action Football), started with and maintained it (Little Nemo), and others added it as a revision (LoZ). There are also many games with both the Circle-T and star (Play Action Football), which further muddies the water. Big thanks to @0xDEAFC0DE for reviewing dozens of manuals to contribute to the list below. Any help here is much appreciated. Star Code Manuals List (in progress) Reference Threads Extra Space
  9. I'm looking to fully complete all of my Mega Man NES boxed games, but I cannot find any sources that provide the inventory of all contents for each game, except for Mega Man 6, which can be found at https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/nes/916386-nes/faqs/49943. Does anyone know of any references that list the box contents for Mega Man 1 through 5 similar to the information below that outlines the contents of Mega Man 6? Mega Man 6 - Cartridge (NES-G6-USA-1) - Box (NES-G6-USA) - Manual (NES-G6-USA-1) - Poster Advert (GP-NES-USA-2) - Consumer Information and Precautions Booklet (NES-USA/CAN-2) - Nintendo Power Subscription Card (GP-NES-USA-1) - Foil Nintendo Dust Sleeve
  10. Hi! I recently started getting back into NES and am looking to build my collection again! I'm looking for the following games 100% CIB in amazing to mint condition! If you have any of the following, please PM and let's work some deals out! PayPal ready!! The * sign means these are my priorities and would buy almost immediately. I'll keep updating the list for newer things! Much appreciated helping me get my NES collection back!! And happy to be back!! Little Samson Snow Brothers** Bonk's Adventure Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom** Blues Brothers Panic Restaurant Rally Bike w/ poster Race America w/ poster Dragon Fighter w/poster & reg card Fisher-Price Firehouse Rescue*** S.C.A.T. w/ Poster & reg card Zombie Nation w/inserts Cheetahmen 2 Myriad 6-in-1 Hot Slots Peek-A-Boo Poker Bubble Bath Babes Cowboy Kid w/ poster** Jetsons Color a Dinosaur** Wayne's World Fire 'N Ice Toxic Crusaders Mario's Time Machine w/poster A Nightmare on Elm Street Frankenstein the Monster Returns** NES Yellow Test Cartridge
  11. Willing to pay a good price for a good condition Crash Bash PAL Platinum game, manual and case (CIB); will accept game only. Cover should look like this. Ask for further details.
  12. Hi. I'm looking for CIB copies of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Robotrek for SNES. Must be in good condition.
  13. View Listing Ninja Gaiden II nes cib 8.0 WATA certified Have a nice graded cib of ninja gaiden 2 for the original Nintendo. $230 shipped within the US. International please reach out. Lister acidjaguar Date 08/03/2020 Price $230.00 Category For Sale/Trade
  14. ALL MUST GO DON'T WANT TO BOTHER WITH THEM ANYMORE View Listing Everything is fully cib and fully functional and I don't want to deal with the headache people always harassing me cyberbullying me and telling me that I don't have what I have well I do have what I have but you see I am done with the games people play and Furthermore I have been selling everything on eBay and pricecharting as well as few other places but lately it's been way too much I have had people arrested on Facebook and Other people I have had eBay shut there account down for good and Furthermore I am done with this childish headache people play with me for 5 years now I'm Disabled VETERAN who served 13 years and deployed 8 time's overseas as a Army Ranger and I truly used to love Collecting box lot's on eBay and going to recycle your video games out of Bend Oregon and buying All the games and then going to DKOLDIES or LUKIE GAMES or trade n games or even troll and toad, old school game vault, JJ GAMES, pricecharting, eBay, j2games, jnlgames, mcmrosegaming, 1upvideogames, and playerschoicevideogames, to get the manuals and I enjoyed it but lately it's become so embarrassing and tedious how much people whine and complain about everything so what if my image of my video games that I post on eBay have different backgrounds our are all over Google images not my fault that I spent right around $2500 dollars each month some months $6500 dollars for huge lots on eBay and Furthermore gaming store's used to message me asking me to buy all there old inventory cause it was not moving I did for pennies and I would RESURFACE the disc clean the cartridge game's so I learned from trail and error that it is possible to take marker off a game as well as the box and googone is amazing but be very careful and hairspray is pretty sweet too but it doesn't matter to many people say your a lier you don't have what you have to were my PTSD would kick in really hard and we'll I block them tell I snapped and enough was enough so I would sue them for slander and have this individual criminally prosecuted for cyberbullying harassing me and truly it had gone on so much that when my dad died my second dad died my first dad died when I was ten so when my second dad died and they were doing this I was truly about ready to take my life and end it over this childish crap and truly it just happened to me yesterday I sent this Dumb guy from Facebook picture after picture with time stamps and I even sent him video of me holding up my games and so I still get very hurt when someone tells me that I don't have what I have cause I do and it still makes me very angry and very sucidal and there's not a second that doesn't go by that I truly wish I never had the idea like this but it' keep me alive you see I have had two brain tumors removed and this keep me active and doing something I thought was cool at first SNES games and I sold 260 cib few were factory SEALED and then I got into NES VIDEO GAMES and so far I have sold 493 cib games some new not opened up at all and Furthermore I sold 32k video games to JJ GAMES LLC the owner of pricecharting website for 3 years and made a lot of money doing this but I wasn't into it for the money I was doing it cause I Started having seziures from having the brain tumors removed and I started seeing the cancer doctor so I started to get more active but looking for the video games with boxes only so I can find them and complete them and it helped me for the most part but after five years seriously I'm tired of this too many wires in this world to meet people always hating saying I don't have what I have getting proved wrong Time after Time but seriously delicate the first one to offer me $3000 for everything takes it all I will ship you everything via UPS AND TRACKING NUMBER IS PROVIDED I ask you have a adult home to sign for everything and only when the the money has been cleared from PayPal I will then ship out your items to you you have my word it might come in a few boxes but I promise you I will send you everything I own and two games are still SEALED BY MANUFACTURE AND THEY ARE BASEBALL STARS II SEALED BY MANUFACTURE GALF WHITE VERSION SEALED BY MANUFACTURE 17 NES BLACK BOX GAMES CIB 4 ARE FIRST EDITION BOXES AND SEVERAL HANGTAB VERSIONS ARE UNPUNCHED CIB AND HANDS DOWN THE NICEST EXAMPLE OF METAL STORM CIB WITH POSTER YOU HAVE EVER SEEN ONLINE FOR SALE UNLESS OF COURSE IT IS BRAND NEW UNOPENED CONDITION AND WATA GRADED ALREADY BUT MY GAMES ARE ALL CIB AND ALMOST EVERYTHING WITHIN THIS LOT HAS A CLEAR PLASTIC MYLAR PROTECTIVE CASE FOR ADDED PROTECTION FROM SHELF WEAR AND TEAR AND I SELL ON EBAY AS APOCALYPSEGAMER LET ME KNOW IF YOU BOUGHT ANYTHING FROM ME THANKS AGAINIF YOU'RE WANTING TO BUY CERTAIN ITEMS LET ME KNOW I USE GAME VALUE NOW ARE A LITTLE BIT MORE ACCURATE AND FOR THE MORE I DO GO OFF OF RARITY AND IF YOU CAN FIND IT OUT THERE AND IF IT'S IN A CONDITION TO BE GRADED THEN I GO OFF OF THAT RAIRTY AS WELL... Lister David Date 07/29/2020 Price $3,000.00 Category For Sale/Trade
  15. View Listing Double Dragon Advance CIB For offer, CIB, in ok condition. Typical toss it in a plastic protector (will come shipped in one) and it looks good on a shelf. See photos! Tested, works, plays no issues. I'm willing to take a pretty reasonable cut off ebay prices to move it here and not deal with eBay if possible, so feel free to make on offer if you're looking to add this to your collection. Lister Gloves Date 07/26/2020 Price Category For Sale/Trade
  16. So over the years I always had a goal to get a sealed NES collection of all the games I had when I was a kid. As the years went by I figured out this wasn’t feasible since I loved Hanna Barbara and owned most of the games on NES (which as you know are insane sealed.). So over time I decided I would pick up sealed when I found them cheap and just try to find nice CIB copies if not. I’m close to being finished now, if my memory serves me correctly. Down to just needing Ghoul School and Jaws. (Hit me up if you have a extra nice CIB copies). Some pics for your enjoyment. Feel free to post pics of games you owned as a kid too in this thread! As far as the sealed ones I was able to knock off the list, I have: Mario 2 (not pictured), Mario 3 (not pictured), The Addams Family, Caesar’s Palace, Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout and Star Tropics (opened but never played, close enough haha!)
  17. Recently upgraded my copy of wild guns, and this one needs a new home. Shipping from Canada. Not a lot of recent sales for this. One sold for 450 USD and was missing manual pages, one sold for 1000 USD and was nicer than this one (I think). Looking for somewhere in between the two. Manual is fully intact and the box is pretty typical for the mexico releases. Worst blemish would be the bad sticker removal on the cart label.
  18. Hello, I'm new to the forum and to collecting! I have around 50 CIB NES games in very good to excellent condition, all boxed. They were a part of my father-in-laws retro game collection and recently came into my possession. As I'm new to this, I'm having trouble evaluating the value of this collection as they sold eBay listings and pricechart information seems to be all over the map and I'm having trouble finding good comparisons for the quality of these boxes. Right now I'm not sure how many, if any, I plan on selling and am more looking for advice on how to evaluate, and what games might be of the most value. I already know that I have a 2nd edition Super Mario (gloss sticker) that is likely the most valuable of the bunch, however I do have about 20-30 other hangtab games, including 10 black box titles. I'll attach as many photos here as I can as well as a word document with a full list of items, but I can certainly send more as requested. Any information would be appreciated! NES game list.docx
  19. Hello, I'm new to the forum and to collecting! I have around 50 CIB NES games in very good to excellent condition, all boxed. They were a part of my father-in-laws retro game collection and recently came into my possession. As I'm new to this, I'm having trouble evaluating the value of this collection as they sold eBay listings and pricechart information seems to be all over the map and I'm having trouble finding good comparisons for the quality of these boxes. Right now I'm not sure how many, if any, I plan on selling and am more looking for advice on how to evaluate, and what games might be of the most value. I already know that I have a 2nd edition Super Mario (gloss sticker) that is likely the most valuable of the bunch, however I do have about 20-30 other hangtab games, including 10 black box titles. I'll attach as many photos here as I can as well as a word document with a full list of items, but I can certainly send more as requested. Any information would be appreciated! NES game list.docx
  20. For sale today I have my complete set of KOEI RPG games for the NES. Gemfire is sealed but has some major damage, the bottom corners have some crushing and the upc shrink wrap part was cut and the UPC was scribbled out. Condition is as shown in the pictures. If you have any questions please ask! I’ll probably be posting some more high end games here in the future. $1500 for the KOEI set. Shipping calculated by location, I will do international shipping as well.
  21. Hi all! I'm looking to add few games to a small NES collection and seeing if anyone has any out there for sale! I'm preferably looking for CIB in very good to near mint condition (no rips on the top or bottom). If anyone has any on the list, just let me know! Also I'm not interested in any sealed games or graded games. Journey to Silius Skate or Die Elevator Action Metroid (Silver box) Kid Icarus Mike Tyson's Punch out Blaster Master Operation Wolf Gradius Duck Tales Astyanax Gyruss Marble Madness Solomons Key Adventure Island Festers Quest Manual Only: Ninja Gaiden Cart Only: Bubble Bobble (Black circle seal Rev A)
  22. I was digging through what’s left of NintendoAge and ran across an old thread started by @jonebone. The thread was missing most of the pictures it had and was wondering if Jone or anybody here would happen to have some pictures of the listed items. Adventures of Mighty Max - Unconfirmed, maybe a VHS addon? Addams Family Values - VHS Tape Bomberman - Small Box (Non-Party Pack) Captain Novolin - Loaner Sleeve David Crane's Tennis - Footlocker Coupon Final Fight Guy - Black Version (Non retail?) Flintstones The Movie - Sealed w/ Movie Earthworm Jim 2 - Alternate Artwork (White Background, non-retail) Illusion of Gaia - T-Shirt Bundle Lethal Enforcers - Small Box Maximum Carnage - Big Box QVC Set Mechwarrior Gift Pack Metal Combat - Big Box w/ Light Gun Pac-Man Adventures - With Coupon Primal Rage - Trading Cards Spider-Man X-Men - Box Variant (CES?) Tony Meola's Soccer - Footlocker Coupon Turtles in Time - Farley's Snack Coupon Zombies Ate My Neighbors - Box Variant
  23. Games for sale! Open to reasonable offers. Will discount multiple items. Shipping Included on any order of 30 or more.. Tons of EBAY and NA feedback if needed. Pics: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Agduv5MP5yqFhJp1Nvph-55lz9y8PQ?e=bJaBZD Title price notes NES Complete Back to the Future 2 3 35 Nes Open Golf 15 N64 Complete Beetle Adventure Racing 25 rough box Mario Tennis 27 label wear Banjoo Kazooie 37 Banjoo Kazooie 32 Players choice box Bomberman 64 38 nice shape Pokemon Stadium 42 nice shape. no transfer pack Supercross 2000 7 Perfect Dark 20 Turok rage Wars 20 Perfect Dark (2nd) 20 Tetrisphere 20 Diddy Kong Racing 30 PS1 Lunar Silver Star 45 map, book SNES Complete Battletoads Battlemaniacs 95 solid shape Beavis & Butthead 35 Beavis butt Head 28 some cart wear Chrono trigger 380 Nm/mint Collector Shape Cleaning Kit 20 Cool Spot 22 Final Fantasy 2 110 Monopoly 6 Mortal Kombat 35 Mortal kombat (2nd) 35 NBA All star 7 NBA Jam 13 Pit Fighter 20 PLOK 35 box wear, fading Primal Rage 25 Tecmo 3 18 Box damaged Tetris Dr Mario 25 cart wear otherwise great shape Tetris Dr Mario 30 Mint P.C. Top Gear 2 32 Box damaged Toy Story 30 Ultimate MK3 45 cart label wear Genesis Complete Bubsy 13 xmen 2 25 Shaq fu 8 Target Earth 25 Aladdin 12 Team USA 10 Batman forever 8 Saturn Solar Eclipse 15
  24. Good Day VGS, I am in the hunt for a Lock N' Chase cart for my GB collection. cart condition for the right one is fine - mint. if you have one please send me your offer and a pic. i will respond to offers.
  25. Nintendarr

    Misc games

    Shipping is not included in prices BOXES Willow (cib) $25 Airwolf (cib) $12 Rampage (no manual) $30 Mario tennis (No cartridge) $8 Supercross 2000 (cib) $12 Beetle adventure racing (cib) $25 Turok 2 (cib) $15 South park (loose) $8 SEGA Pitfall $8 Lion King $10 Sonic $5 College football 96 $3 Kid chameleon $15 Art alive $4 Romance of the three kingdoms 2 (no manual) $22 Stargate $10
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