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Hello, it's good to find a place to talk about video games. I used to be on PlayStation age as meteor bear… Or maybe Evan 79. I recognize a couple names from there after perusing the site.

Mostly play PS 1, 2 and 3 and the original Xbox. I've been getting into platformers lately, partially because it's a lot easier to pick up and play which is better for me right now.
My favorite type of games are dungeon crawlers though, in all of their forms. Big fan of from software too.

I am currently playing the first Spyro game and dark stone, Both for the first time.

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1 hour ago, Gloves said:

Nice, playing Spyro for the first time is rewarding. Do you tend to complete games like that? I remember getting all the gems and everything last time I played and it was a blast. 

I was trying to get all the gems, then I hit one of the later levels where you have to make a supercharged jump and I am not good with that jump. The secret areas are getting harder to find too. I'm loving it though, it's my first collect–a–thon and my favorite part is the exploration aspect of it.

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