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  1. We arent even close. We never will be either, some things we will never be able to understand and still be human.
  2. Its a great game. Very low key and atmospheric.
  3. PS1 is my favorite so mine would be PS3. There are a few games like some of the souls games and the last of us that are in my top ten on it. I love playing my PS1 on it too just for the better digital pad on the controller.
  4. Shadow Tower! Its really good if you like dungeon crawlers and thier Kings Field series.
  5. Haha, definately. Asia doesnt believe in copyright laws like the west does, thankfully.
  6. Haha, yeah, the Tick was great. Gargoyles, I had forgotten about that show. I remember thinking it was great when it came out... then it left on a cliffhanger and dissappeared. I need to track it down now.
  7. I thought the PS1 version was pretty good for a port. It does have slow down issues...
  8. Persona for PS1. When it was around 60 There were other games I really wanted that were cheaper. Just when I finally convinced myself to pay 100 for it it jump far out of reach.
  9. Slayers Next- Very good when Im in the mood for it.
  10. I will second Dark Forces. Very well done and my favorite of the Doom style games. The sound always really stuck out to me compared to other Star Wars games for some reason.
  11. Tail of the Sun. There is a island/continent southwest of Pangaea. On the southside of its mountainous region I found a cave. Deep inside was this set of legs without a torso running around and jumping up and down. I eventually killed and ate it but didnt do anything for me as far as I can tell besides being regular food. There was a large Wooly mammoth tusk cache at the end of the cave complex too. Tusk monolith almost halfway to sun...
  12. I gave it an 8. Mostly for just a few games I really like and having the best selection of 2 player co-op dungeon crawlers. Generally I feel it was this awkward generation between the purity, inventiveness and experimentation of PS1 and the the PS3/Xbox 360 generation where the games felt and looked so good. Its my least favorite of the Playstation consoles.
  13. Here is my master list for fun TMNT- 10 '88 DuckTales- 10 70's Scooby Doo- 10 Rescue Rangers- 9 Thunder Cats- 9 The Tick- 9 The Smurfs- 9 Inspector Gadget- 9 Thundarr the Barbarian- 8 Count Duckula- 8 Voltron- 8 Garfield- 8 GI Joe- 8 X-Men- 8 Transformers- 7 (except the movie, its an 11 ) He-man- 7 Everything else
  14. Im sold on the console, looks really cool, especially if they keep the games coming. I wish the DS came in a console version. I love the old style games on it, but handhelds havent been my thing since I was young. My sister bought the VCS and was very disappointed with it, I think she was hoping more for something like this. My family just teamed up and pre ordered the console version of this and some games for Christmas. She had some serious health problems this year and I we all wanted to do something special for her. We grew up with a couple of Lynx's so she will love the Lynx 2 collection.
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