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If you are a fan of the original at all, this is a MUST SEE!  Seeing 100+ memorable characters from the first movie brought back for the sequel 33 years later is beyond amazing.  I am so glad that it was worth the wait as I have been dying to see it since the day that a release date was announced since I  grew up watching the original over and over when it was still fairly new.

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I really enjoyed it, and dam Eddie Murphy and Arsinio don't age like at all. It was the perfect date night movie with the girlfriend. It's too bad movie theaters aren't really open because I bet this would have crushed it at the box office. I rarely have gone to a theater in the past 15years and this one would have got me there.

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My biggest complaint is how they had to modernize it for newer audiences.  But since that couldn't be avoided I liked it.  Its not a classic but it wasn't embarrassing.  I dug it.  Also with that said, the original movie is so good, I refuse to own it as to not spoil it by watching it too many times.  Might be the only movie i've ever done that with.  

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