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Zelda 1 map is part of Zelda 2 map???


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11 hours ago, Dr. Morbis said:

Well, to say that the Zelda 1 map is "part" of the Zelda 2 map is not really accurate in the least; I would say that there is an 'homage' to the Zelda 1 map clearly visible on the overworld of Zelda 2...

Or, that storywise, the part of the world that Zelda 1 takes place in located in that part of Zelda 2's overworld. The most notable giveaway is that it has Spectacle Rock in the same location.

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According to the manual for Zelda I, Zelda sent Impa out just before being captured, and Impa encountered Link soon after. Link can see Death Mountain from the forest where he found her. The first game probably just took place over a few days at most in the general vicinity of Death Mountain, while Zelda II appears to be a longer journey all over Hyrule.

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