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(Name TBD) Project " Chocoblip " (NES/Metroidvania)


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Hey y’all!

Yoey and I are Team Chocoblip and we’re here to present our first ever NES project! It’s still untitled for now, we’ve just been calling it Project Chocoblip. We’re hoping to have a fun little  game by the time the NESDev compo deadline comes in a few weeks 🙂.

Project Chocoblip is a Metroidvania/Adventure platformer about a girl who gets lost in the woods while trying to help her dad collect wood. With only her pom pom as defense, she must now find her way to the top of a mountain to make a signal fire.

As of right now, the engine we’ve built for the tech demo features:

  • Full 8-way scrolling:


  • CHR-RAM parallax:


  • Arbitrary slopes:


  • Throwable pom pom:


And here’s a bit of full gameplay.

Here’s some details about the game’s development

  • Written exclusively in Wiz. The level editor features a JS port of most of the game logic for immediate feedback.

  • Currently using the full fat Famitracker sound driver for easing the composition process. Might change later depending on ROM requirements.

  • Art created in Photoshop + NESST + custom editor.

  • Build process completely automated from within the custom editor.

  • Uses ANROM with 64 KB of PRG. Scrolling is done entirely within a single nametable.


Among our future goals for the project are:

  • Adding enemies/enemy logic.

  • Adding other miscellaneous entities: one way platforms, moving platforms, environmental hazards.

  • Finish final music with our guest composers.

  • Developing a boss.

  • Title screen/menus/cutscenes.

  • Polish, polish, polish

I'll try to keep this thread updated as we progress. We'll also often see we talking about the project in either the VGS or NESDev Discord servers.

Either way, you can find me here if you're into the Tweets land and you can see posts from Yoey here.


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  • The title was changed to (Name TBD) Project " Chocoblip " (NES/Metroidvania)
  • 4 weeks later...

Hey, everyone!
As you might have noticed, we didn't immediately drop the ROM for the Project Chocoblip Demo as soon as NESDev came around.

That is because, unfortunately, the version we sent in for the compo had some fatal bugs we didn't have time to fix. So, we took a few days to get them sorted and add those extra bits of polish we also didn't manage to get to the first time around.

Now the end result of that is available on Itch for y'all to enjoy! 😄



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