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Adam Conover in interview claims Nintendo cancelled a Star Fox animated & Zelda live-action series due to leaks by Netflix


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I stumbled upon this Twitter thread this morning; a sharp-eared listener noticed buried within a 90 minute interview with Adam Conover (Adam Ruins Everything), he briefly discusses an anecdote of how Nintendo abruptly cancelled the live-action Legend of Zelda Netflix series as well as a Claymation Star Fox series in development by CollegeHumor due to someone at Netflix leaking news about development of the Zelda series.  

Amazing how deals like this can fall apart so easily. The world was denied (or spared depending on your POV) a live-action Zelda series because someone at Netflix jumped the gun on the hype. Though I am disappointed the fallout ruined that Star Fox series. A series in the style of the Fantastic Mr. Fox would've been cool to see.



The Youtube video in question if you want to hear Adam's whole story (starts at 39:06):


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If that is true, that is really unfortunate -- and seems a bit petty on Nintendo's part (though I understand they have a different business culture, in terms of what is tolerated).

A claymation style Star Fox would have been really well-received, I bet, given the massive success of the various LEGO animated shows.

Live-action Zelda seems a lot harder to pull off well -- and a little surprising they would note have gone animated for that one -- though it might be a matter of brand-differentiation from newer fantasy animated shows like LEGO Elves (from a few years back) and Dragon Prince (Netflix).  Though it would have been cool to see a well-executed version done live.

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Events Team · Posted

Damn, I had heard about the live-action Zelda awhile ago and was willing to give it a chance, I'd kill to have an actually decent live-action Zelda series or movie. Oh well, isn't the first time something like this has happened, I'm sure the opportunity to make something like that will arise once again in the future.

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I watched a documentary about Nintendo first person shooter that got canceled. Basically what they said is that there was a smaller developer working on the FPS shooter and the game was going to use water guns.

Things were moving along pretty well but then one of the people on the dev team leaked something. Nintendo became outraged and they demanded that the developer take corrective measures. This would have included investigations into who the leaker was, making his/her identity known to Nintendo and also firing that person.

The developer did the internal investigation, but ultimately they did not identify the leaker. Either they didn’t know who it was, or they were trying to protect that person from Nintendo’s legal wrath.

 Anyhow Nintendo was so pissed that the developer wouldn’t identify the leaker that they cancelled the contract with the developer. They later took some of the ideas that came up in developing that game to make Splatoon.

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