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Official VGS Newsletter - December 2020


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Seasons change, time passes by... as the weeks become the months become the yeeeeears.


Staff & Site Updates

First I'd like to say thanks to @B.A., who has put in an amazing 10 YEARS between NA and VGS. He's decided to step down from his admin role here on VGS, though he plans to stick around so don't think you're off the hook or anything. If there's anyone you owe for us all being here right now, he's at the top of that list; his leadership has been paramount to the livelihood of NA for longer than most people could know, so huge respect to him.

The end of 2020 is bringing more than just loss though, as we're also welcoming a new admin to the team, someone you hopefully know well, and if not there's no better time than now to get acquainted with him - @spacepup has been moved from his mod role to that of an admin! This young pup has been a constant enthusiastic voice in the community and always helpful behind the scenes. Please look forward to what will surely be a pleasant reign of terror.


Homebrews News

... Homenews? Brew News? The Brews? Heck if I know.

This holiday season our own @Deadeye & @Scrobins appear in a special holiday edition of the Assembly Line podcast! It's a long listen but a good one. Grab some cocoa and hear about the latest in Brew News! Yeah, that one sounds good. Brew News.


Events, events, events

There's a whole heck of a lot going on around these here parts, so much so that I'm not gonna bother trying to be witty about all of them. I'm plum dry of wit. Witless. Out of... wit.


2021 Backlog Challenge - Signups are OPEN! Ol' @Reed Rothchild over here has put up with his backlog for long enough! And so have YOU! It's about time you did some early spring cleaning, and hey, take all year if you have to, but play some damn games one way or the other; you deserve it!



Werewolf - Did you guys know we host somewhat regular games of Werewolf/Mafia here on VGS? It's true! Join the club and spectate the current round, and/or be on the lookout for the next signup thread! 



2020 Homebrew Champ - @Red! Around 20 people participated in the 2020 Homebrew contest, but only one could come out on top of the final standings, and it was none other than Red! Congratulate him!



2020 Holiday Chiptunes - Holy cow, are these chiptunes LIT. Is that still what the kids say? God I hope so, cuz I've already faxed out the invitations for the next one and I called it "lit" in the fax, and as you know there's no takesie-backsies on a fax. Technology!

No but seriously check out the thread and give these VGS member original chiptunes a listen, they're seriously all amazing. Well done to all the participants!



Virtual Boy Weekly Contest - *re-reads title*... seriously? How...? I dunno tbh, go check the thread. Crazy.





Artsy Fartsy

We'd be fools not to take full advantage of our resident artist... cartist (?)... Casual Cartist? ... @CasualCart... Frick.

Dude did (and is yet to do) a bunch of wicked art and you need to go see it all if you've not already. It's CHRISTMAS for cryin' out loud.


Check out the full thread with all the art here (lol @ the preview image): 


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