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So let's bring this up again.

the tall guy

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So I've got both of these games, one has cart and book (dk math), and the other just cart (Samson).  As you can see in the pictures, I've got former rental boxes for both.

My curiosity is this, years ago it was pretty well accepted that rental boxes were pretty worthless, but I don't know that I've ever seen it that way.  To my mind, they are still boxes, just not complete ones, and they do display nicely.  What is the consensus on worth?  I'm honestly just curious.





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I'm a bit on the fence on this one.

To me, personally, a box has to meet two criteria.

  1. At least 4 sides, and a bottom/top
  2. Act as a structurally sound container on its own

Rule 2 is a little loose, because I can imagine large tears or fatigue causing structural integrity of the box to be compromised while still maintaining a box shape.

On rarities though, I can see being satisfied without looking at it as a placeholder (Stadium Events is easy, but even your above examples are understandable)

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I kept my hatris rental box in hardshell case. Couldnt make myself toss it.


I view this kind of like my jackie chan kung fu manual I acquired in a random lot that it wasnt even mentioned in. Its missing one of the pages. Well a couple pages since they are folded with binding. I dont really count that as having the manual. I just say its a placeholder.

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As a placeholder it's okay, this is how my Metal Warriors box is which I got in a huge lot and it wasnt really given any value in that lot, thats a case where I had the game forever and just happened to get a crappy box, I absolutely cannot afford a real box and manual for it and EVO manual would always be a higher priority anyways.   It pretty much looks like crap and I have to display it the other way since one side is missing, meaning the red stripe is on the wrong side.  I don't like it much but it's better than having just a loose cart   I've seen cut up boxes for higher end games get something at auction so I think people recognize the value of them as placeholders.

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