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Hungry Ghost Night


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Hey guys, Hungry Ghost Night's are in again!

Still no easy international shipping or payment it seems (just direct deposit into their local bank account or paid in person, in cash), but I should be able to head down there over the long three-day weekend and pick up a few carts, and should similarly be able to get things shipped off by the end of next week (sorry, I am always busy, so I don't want to promise shipping on Monday or Tuesday or whatever then get delayed)

The game has thirty large stages , comes with box and manual, is for one or two players. It would double as a great Halloween game too imo.

Cost is 2000元, that's about $69 USD, though I think I can get them to do a bulk discount so about $60+$10 shipping.


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Thought I'd send this to the top, as I've got some exciting news this weekend.

For those who purchased both versions of the game, the official Hungry Ghost Night game guide (English version) will be released sometime this week.

Included in the guide are complete stage maps for both the Hungry Ghost Night Robert Gasse game, as well as the Hungry Ghost Night Sydney Wang game, as well as some general tips and information about warp zones, etc.

The price is $15 + $7 (shipping)  = $22 total for those that have bought both games and collected the two stickers, or $28 + $7 (shipping) = $35 if you want the guide, yet didn't get both versions of the game / collect the two stickers.

I'm immensely proud of this as I had helped out with the translating / proofreading for the English version

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3 hours ago, CMR said:

Do you have any gameplay videos?  Also, do you think you might make it available as a digital download?

Yeah sure, I'll give them a play tonight after work and upload.

Digital download for the strategy guide? Or the game? I'd reckon probably not, but it's not really my place or decision for it .

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