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Thanksgiving dinner in a bag???


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51 minutes ago, Jicsan said:

If I encounter a bag of these, I'm going to try it.  There was some soda company one year that had Thanksgiving themed drinks, I tried one and 🤢.

Jones was the soda company. I've not seen a Jones in a long time.  They would print fan photos on their bottles and I think those images were unique/mostly unique.

I've not had or seen these, but while I had to go pick up something a the Dollar General, they already had "Fall" candy corn out.  They had regular flavor, I think a Smore kind and Carmel Candied Apple.  I'm a sucker for a good carmel apple and my wife's favorite fall candy is the pumpkins that are basically candy corn, so we tried them.  We agreed, they were pretty good.

I'd give these a try. I tend to not like sweet versions of savory food, but this sound weird and like a fun one-off experience.  Regardless, why do all of these people in that article hate Thanksgiving?  I get it, sometimes holidays can be stressful and most of us have "that relative" that can be obnoxious, but still.  Turkey day is amazing?!  They must be vegans. I dunno.

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