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A risky buy paid off!


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The story behind this picture is one of my all-time favorite video game buying experiences.

10 days ago I got a response to my Craigslist ad for buying video games. The guy said he had an Atari Jaguar in the box with some games for sale. I replied to ask about game titles and box condition, he sent me some pics and it was all in great condition. I asked how much he wanted and he said it looked to be around $700 on eBay and he was taking offers. 

99% of the time when anyone throws out eBay prices I just thank them for their time and don’t even bother making an offer. I was kind and just told him I didn’t want to insult him with an offer.

He replied back and said he appreciated my honesty and that he also had an Atari XE in the box as well as a JVC X-eye and some games. Now I’m interested.

We exchange a couple emails and finally land on a price for everything. He asks about arrangements, I tell him where I live, and he then tells me he’s in Minnesota. 🙄

I automatically assume this is a scam or I’m being trolled, so I tell him I’m sorry but I only buy locally as there’s just too much risk otherwise. He asks what he can do to make it easier?

I suggested to just send me the Xeye and Sega CD games for an appropriate portion of the money and I’d send him PayPal. At this point, I kinda felt I’d be scammed but worst case I was out a few hundred dollars until PayPal refunded me.

Well, wouldn’t you know this actually showed up today!

The Jaguar and Atari XE stuff will be here soon!


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