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  1. Yeah man I hear you, nothing will ever be perfect but it just gets annoying to only be able to buy stuff on eBay. Not to mention that it’s also much less fun when I’m competing with regular sealed guys, celebrities, and wealthy investors haha
  2. Thank you! I sold the business and all the IP a couple years ago to drag00n (Adam from Second Dimension). It sure was fun while it lasted!
  3. I remember him! And you! Man all these NA memories coming back. I was linktothepastgames and then retroscribe
  4. I’ve basically been focusing on sealed games but I gotta be honest, it’s becoming less fun every day. I’m chasing a sealed Madden set and that’s losing its luster because my only outlet is eBay. Also been on a long journey to get all of my childhood favorites sealed. The issue there is that the only ones left on my list (in good condition) would cost me as much as a new house. So I need something new to keep me going. I’m very interested in the challenge of a cart-only NES set or cart-only Genesis set. Those are the only consoles for which I have a strong nostalgia. My ques
  5. Have the following items available for trade (in the pictures). All are factory sealed and range from mint to trashed. (Mega Man and Venice Beach are gone) Here’s my wanted list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10J3pA1TjiHorKRjZMeWJFre3ajcJEw7qJafAM1Ht7EU/edit I’m also in the market for 2 USB Bluetooth adapters for PS4 controllers (want to use them with my Pi), as well as a black Sega Sports Dreamcast Controller. I’m in Pittsburgh and only want to trade within the US. I’m well-vouched for many years. If I don’t know you and you’re not well-vouched, we can Pa
  6. Hi everyone - Here's a list of what I'm looking for. I'm a serious buyer/trader and I have PayPal ready to spend and/or inventory to trade. WANTED LIST: Consoles: Neo Geo AES USA system or JP system with fairly recent unibios Neo Geo consolized MVS system NES: - SEALED NOTE: I'm not too picky about condition on sealed titles as long as it's reflected in the price. I don't want major crushing or major wrap issues. - CIB NOTE: On the other hand, I am picky about box condition on CIB. I want it to be pretty crisp with no major issues to the box. Cart/manual condition isn'
  7. Haha yeah at this stage I can. Basically just knock 10% off the eBay prices and I’m good. I just lowered a few too. Just slide in my DMs and let me know what you want!
  8. I have an opportunity to buy some early print black box games but I need some help from the experts: 1. Is there any way to discern between first/second/third print on a CIB aside from the “void” mark on a peeled sticker? Seems like all of them are exactly the same otherwise. 2. Are there any safe ways to remove marker from an NES box? Two of them have some marker on the artwork. 3. Is it even worth getting a first/second print graded if the box art has a tear from the sticker deal being peeled off? Two of them are definitely first print based on the remnants left on the matt
  9. Yeah it’s crazy how that has shifted over the years. A few years ago it was purely individual title rarity and condition. There were very few people interested in variants - those people are definitely profiting right now.
  10. I was like 80% sure they do. Even aside from that, I think the placement of the holes & seams screams reseal. I hope I'm wrong!
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