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Dragon Quest Your Story Now on Netflix


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I sat down to watch it last night and I went in with even expectations (basically none) as I knew little of it other than a DQ5 tie and that I heard about it, that's it.

The movie is amazing, has an emotional ride that gaps various generations of time, you'll get angry, sad, happy, and eventually shocked and amazed at the premise of it all and what's behind it.  Actually cracked a smile I liked it that much as the ending concluded.  I have to say I was amazed just how good it was for a video game movie, as in it's up there in the tops above a huge pile of uwe boll and other garbage.

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On 2/14/2020 at 6:09 AM, Aguy said:

It's subbed and dubbed for those interested.

I'd recommend the sub. The animation has a sort of western influence so I thought it might work well with English voice acting, but no, it was horrible. Switches to subtitled Japanese immediately.

Anyway, it's a pretty movie, and it has some great moments, but the flaws are absurdly obvious.

1. Insanely rushed. The 20-30 hour game already suffers from a rushed pacing compared to the scope of the story, now imagine how that translates into a 1½ hour movie.

2. The ending. I guess it attempts to appeal to video game nostalgia, and the love of diving completely into a fairy tale - but it kinda has the opposite effect to me, it's not well handled.

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