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Beat every Game Boy game - 2020 - 225/497


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Editorials Team · Posted

Let's keep playing Game Boy games in 2020!

- Games must be started and finished no earlier than January 1, 2020, NA time.
- No cheat codes, game genie codes, glitches etc. may be used
- Emulation is allowed, but no save states, altered roms, or any advantages over playing on original hardware. (Super Game Boy and Game Boy Player are allowed.)
- Game saves and passwords can only be used if they are obtained from a fresh new game, started this year.
- Photos are not required, but they're fun.

Scoring is based on how many times each game has been beaten in a previous year's thread. Each game beaten is worth at least 1 point. Games that have not been beaten every year since 2013 are worth an extra .5 points per non-beaten year. Games that have never been beaten are worth an additional half-point. So each game ranges from 1 to 5 points, as shown in the table below.

    - 100% completion is not required, thus the default or “normal” difficulty is typically fine.
    - Definite ending or credits screens are king. If a game has a “bad” ending and a “good” ending, the “good ending” is typically required.
    - If a game loops indefinitely, only one loop is required.
    - I tried to anchor the requirements for trickier "unending" games to actual in-game metrics, such as high score tables, obvious loops, etc. So if some requirements seem too easy/hard, it’s because I didn’t find a better anchor.
    - Games with indisputable endings might only say “Complete,” but I’d like to eventually include how many levels/stages/rounds are in the game, as that can be useful for first-timers. (e.g., Complete all 8 stages)
    - If anything looks off, or if you want to challenge/discuss these metrics, please do so.

Games not in this list:
- Wisdom Tree unofficial releases
- Pokemon Yellow: this is a Game Boy Color game. You'll see it in the GBC completion thread. Yeah, I picked a side.
- 5 Infogenius titles: These are too much fun and would spoil the rest of the list.
- Mortal Kombat 1&2 (single cart): Games tracked individually, since each has its own cart
- Asteroids/Missile Command: Games tracked individually, since each has its own cart
- Centipede (Accolade) and Centipede (Majesco) are consolidated into one entry, since gameplay is identical across both titles.

Centipede/Millipede and Race Days each include entire games that exist on their own cart. Completion requirements focus only on the modes that aren’t already represented on those other carts.

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Editorials Team · Posted
Beaten By USA-Released title Pts Requirement
koifish 4-in-1 Fun Pak 1.5 Win against the CPU in all 4 games
bronzeshield 4-in-1 Funpak: Volume II 3 Win a game of solitaire (any ruleset) and win against the CPU in the other 3 games
  Addams Family, The 3.5 Complete
  Addams Family: Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt, The 4 Complete
Mae247 Adventure Island 1.5 Complete; continues are allowed
  Adventure Island II: Aliens in Paradise 2.5 Complete
beatthegameboy Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends, The 3 Complete
  Adventures of Star Saver, The 3.5 Complete (there are 9 levels)
Gaia Gensouki Aerostar 3.5 Complete on at least NORM difficulty (there are 7 levels)
  Aladdin 4 Complete
Mae247 Alfred Chicken 5 Complete all 11 stages
  Alien 3 3.5 Complete
Mae247 Alien vs Predator: The Last of His Clan 3 Complete (there are 7 levels)
  All-Star Baseball '99 5 Win any Season or Playoff mode on the default difficulty
Bucket Alleyway 2 Complete the bonus stage after stage 24 to see the "Nice Play!" screen
  Altered Space: A 3-D Alien Adventure 5 Complete
0xDEAFC0DE Amazing Penguin 2.5 Complete all 40 levels
Mae247 Amazing Spider-Man 2, The 5 Complete
  Amazing Spider-Man, The 3.5 Complete
Mae247 Amazing Tater 5 Complete Puzzle Mode (the last level is 4-10)
Mae247 Animaniacs 3 Complete all levels on at least Normal (default) difficulty
Mae247 Arcade Classic No. 2: Centipede / Millipede 3 Beat the high score in Millipede
Mae247 Arcade Classic No. 3: Galaga / Galaxian 2 Beat the high score in both games
Mae247 Arcade Classic No. 4: Defender / Joust 5 Beat the high score in both games
ZeldaFreak Asteroids 4 Beat the high score of 35000 on at least '2' difficulty
  Atomic Punk 4 Complete Game A
  Attack of the Killer Tomatoes 4 Complete (there are 11 stages)
Floating Platforms Avenging Spirit 1.5 Collect 3 keys to rescue your girlfriend and get the good ending
BriGuy82 Balloon Kid 1 Complete all 8 stages in Single Play
Bucket Barbie: Game Girl 1.5 Complete
beatthegameboy Bart Simpson's Escape from Camp Deadly 3.5 Complete (6 stages)
koifish Baseball 3.5 Win 1 game
koifish Bases Loaded 5 Play the Official Mode "tournament" until you see the Congratulations screen
  Batman Forever 5 Complete
Mae247 Batman: Return of the Joker 2.5 Complete all 4 stages (start on any stage you like)
Mae247 Batman: The Animated Series 4 Complete (there are 5 episodes)
Mae247 Batman: The Video Game 2 Complete
Gaia Gensouki Battle Arena Toshinden 2.5 Complete 1P Game, default settings
  Battle Bull 3.5 Complete all 48 levels
0xDEAFC0DE Battle Unit Zeoth 2.5 Complete (there are 5 stages)
  Battleship 3.5 Complete all 48 stages
  Battletoads 2.5 Complete all 8 stages
Mae247 Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team 4 Complete
  Battletoads in Ragnarok's World 3.5 Complete
Gaia Gensouki Battlezone/Super Breakout 2.5 Beat the high score in Battlezone and clear the first level in Super Breakout
Mae247 Beavis and Butt-head 3.5 Complete
  Beetlejuice 4 Complete
BriGuy82 Best of the Best: Championship Karate 5
Defeat Cogneur to see the Congratulations screen. (need to beat all invitational fighters?)
  Bill & Ted's Excellent Game Boy Adventure 4 Complete
  Bill Elliott's NASCAR Fast Tracks 5 Win the Championship Season on at least Rookie difficulty
  Bionic Battler 3.5 Beat Level 5
  Bionic Commando 2.5 Complete
  Black Bass: Lure Fishing 4 Be the top bass fisher at the end of the tournament
  Blades of Steel 2.5 Complete Tournament mode on at least College League
  Blaster Master Boy 4 Complete
  Blues Brothers, The 5 Complete all 5 levels
  Bo Jackson: Two Games In One 4 Win a game of baseball and a game of football
Splain Boggle Plus 2.5 Win any tournament (any point value) against the 4 top CPU players, reject unrecognized words
Mae247 Bomberman GB 3 Complete (there are 8 worlds)
Criterius Bonk's Adventure 2.5 Complete
  Bonk's Revenge 2.5 Complete
  Boomer's Adventure in ASMIK World 3.5 Ascend to stage 33, then return all the way back down to see the ending.
  Boxxle 4 Complete all levels (the last level is 11-08)
  Boxxle II 5 Complete all levels (the last level is 12-08)
  Brain Drain 5 Complete all 250 levels in Brain Game
  Brainbender 5 Complete all 120 puzzles, any difficulty
  Bram Stoker's Dracula 4 Complete
Splain BreakThru! 2.5 Play on default settings; loops after level 6-4
CasualCart Bubble Bobble 4 Complete all 100 levels in normal mode
  Bubble Bobble Part 2 4 Complete all 80 levels
0xDEAFC0DE Bubble Ghost 1.5 Complete all levels for the unsatisfying GAME OVER ending
  Bubsy II 5 Complete
  Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 2, The 3 Complete all 29 stages
  Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle, The 2.5 Complete all 80 stages
Floating Platforms Burai Fighter Deluxe 3 Complete the game on at least Albatross difficulty
  BurgerTime Deluxe 3 Complete all 24 levels
  Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade Edition 3.5 Complete Puzzle Game mode (take any path) OR Time Attack mode
  Buster Brothers 4 Complete (there are 50 levels, the game lets you start as late as level 19, which is fine)
  Caesars Palace 4 Cash out when you have $140,000 to leave the casino with the best animation
  Captain America and The Avengers 3.5 Complete (on Challenging mode to see the real ending?)
Splain Casino FunPak 3 Earn $1,000,000 and "break the bank" in any game
Splain Casper 2.5 Complete
  Castelian 3 Complete
Gaia Gensouki Castlevania Adventure, The 1 Complete
BriGuy82 Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge 1.5 Complete
  Castlevania Legends 2 Collect all 5 special items and beat Dracula to get the best ending
  Catrap 4 Complete all 100 puzzles
Gaia Gensouki Centipede (Accolade OR Majesco) 2.5 Top the high score table
  Championship Pool 5 Beat all opponents in Tournament mode, either 8- or 9-ball
Gaia Gensouki Chase H.Q. 2.5 Complete all 5 levels
beatthegameboy Chessmaster, The 1 Win 1 game
  Choplifter II 4 Complete all 5 sectors
Mae247 Chuck Rock 4 Complete all 4 worlds
  Cliffhanger 3.5 Complete
koifish College Slam 5 Beat the semi-final, tournament time, OR season match-up mode.
Reed Rothchild Contra: The Alien Wars 3 Complete on at least Normal difficulty
  Cool Ball 3 Complete all 101 levels
  Cool Spot 4 Complete (bonus levels not required)
  Cool World 4 Complete
BriGuy82 Cosmo Tank 3 Complete
  Crystal Quest 4 Loops after wave 99
  Cutthroat Island 5 Complete
  Cyraid 5 Complete
  Daedalian Opus 3 Complete all 36 levels
Gaia Gensouki Daffy Duck: The Marvin Missions 5 Complete (4 levels and a boss)
  Darkman 4 Complete (there are 5 stages)
ecmyers Darkwing Duck 1.5 Complete
Mae247 Days of Thunder 5 Place first in the Season, any # of laps per race is ok
0xDEAFC0DE Dead Heat Scramble 3.5 Complete
  Dennis the Menace 4 Complete
Splain Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf 4 Complete all 3 campaigns (5, 6, and 8 missions respectively)
  Dexterity 4 Complete all 30 levels and beat the final boss
  Dick Tracy 3.5 Complete
Gaia Gensouki Dig Dug 3.5 Complete New Dig Dug mode
  Donkey Kong 1 Complete
Gaia Gensouki Donkey Kong Land 1.5 beat the final boss, 100% not required
VegaVegas Donkey Kong Land 2 2.5 beat the final boss, 100% not required
VegaVegas Donkey Kong Land III 3.5 beat the final boss, 100% not required
Mae247 Double Dragon 1.5 Complete all 4 missions
Mae247 Double Dragon 3: The Arcade Game 3 Complete
Mae247 Double Dragon II 2 Complete
  Double Dribble: 5 on 5 3 Win one game against the CPU on at least difficulty 2
Mae247 Dr. Franken 3.5 Complete
  Dr. Franken II 5 Complete
Splain Dr. Mario 1.5 Complete level 20 on at least MED speed
  Dragon's Lair: The Legend 5 Complete (there are 194 Life Stone pieces)
Floating Platforms DragonHeart 5 Complete
Mae247 DuckTales 2 Complete at least Normal difficulty
  DuckTales 2 2.5 Complete at least Normal difficulty
  Earthworm Jim 5 Complete
Mae247 Elevator Action 4 Loops after stage 6
  Elite Soccer 4 Win any of the Competition modes
koifish Extra Bases 5 Beat every team in the tournament; you may select 5-inning games
MrPeaPod F-1 Race 3 Beat Grand Prix mode
  F-15 Strike Eagle 5 Complete all 20 levels
Mae247 F1 Pole Position 5 Beat Grand Prix mode
  Faceball 2000 4 Complete all 75 levels in Cyberscape mode, at least Average level
  Fastest Lap 5 Complete World Tour mode at the top of the leaderboard, normal difficulty
Mae247 Felix the Cat 1.5 Complete (6-2 is the last round)
  Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge 4 Complete all races
  Fidgetts, The 5 Complete all 20 levels (press up+start to access the "try again" option)
  FIFA International Soccer 4 Beat Tournament, Playoffs, or League mode
  FIFA Soccer 96 5 Beat Tournament or Playoffs mode, any league
  FIFA Soccer 97 5 Win Tournament or Playoff mode
  Fighting Simulator: 2-in-1 Flying Warriors 5 Complete Action mode on at least Meduim difficulty
  Final Fantasy Adventure 2.5 Complete
  Final Fantasy Legend II 2.5 Complete
  Final Fantasy Legend III 3.5 Complete
Gaia Gensouki Final Fantasy Legend, The 2.5 Complete
beatthegameboy Fish Dude 3 Complete all 18 levels, including A-1 thru C-3
Drunktendo64 Fist of the North Star 1 Complete
  Flash, The 3.5 Complete (there are 13 levels. Press Select at the title screen to enter a password)
  Flintstones, The 4 Complete (7 acts); feel free to bump up your lives and continues on the Options screen
  Flintstones: King Rock Treasure Island, The 1.5 Complete
Mae247 Flipull 5 Reach stage 49, which cannot be completed
  Foreman for Real 5 Beat the Tournament mode on at least Medium difficulty
Bucket Fortified Zone 1.5 Defeat the final boss (at the end of the Fortress level) to see the credits.
  Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball 5 Win a Season of any size
Mae247 Frogger 4 Complete (8 levels)
koifish Game & Watch Gallery 2.5 Get 1000 points in any 4 games/modes, to view the first "credits"
koifish Game of Harmony, The 4 Complete all 50 levels
Mae247 Gargoyle's Quest: Ghosts 'n Goblins 1 Complete
Floating Platforms Gauntlet II 4 Play until you defeat the randomly-appearing Dragon
  Gear Works 4 Complete all 12 monuments, the last level contains the word END
  George Foreman's KO Boxing 5 Beat all other fighters
  Getaway: High Speed II, The 3.5 Reach multiball and get a jackpot
  Ghostbusters II 3 Complete
  Go! Go! Tank 3.5 Complete all 10 levels
  Goal! 5 Win the Super Cup, any options
Mae247 Godzilla 4 Find the room where Minilla is held and rescue him
  Golf 4 Complete the Japan and US courses, each with a score of par (72) or better
Gaia Gensouki Gradius: The Interstellar Assault 2 Complete all 6 stages
beatthegameboy Great Greed 2.5 Complete the game and choose someone to marry.
Gaia Gensouki Gremlins 2: The New Batch 3.5 Complete (4 levels)
  HAL Wrestling 4 Beat the Elimination match
  Harvest Moon GB 3.5 Earn the approval of your grandfather at the end of the first year
Splain Hatris 1.5 Beat level 9-5 to see the "CONGRATURATIONS" screen
  Heavyweight Championship Boxing 4 Beat all opponents
BriGuy82 Heiankyo Alien 3 Finish all 12 New Game levels, OR Old Game loops at level 20
  Hercules 4 Complete
  High Stakes Gambling 5 Defeat all Mafia bosses
Mae247 Hit the Ice 5 Beat every team in the Championship (blues, greens, yellows, and blacks)
Mae247 Home Alone 4 Complete
Mae247 Home Alone 2: Lost in New York 4 Complete
Gaia Gensouki Hook 5 Complete
Mae247 Hudson Hawk 3.5 Complete
  Humans, The 3.5 Complete all levels
  Hunchback of Notre Dame, The 4 Beat each of the 5 minigames, and complete all 5 Funfair challenges
  Hunt for Red October, The 4 Complete (there are 8 levels)
  Hyper Lode Runner: The Labyrinth of Doom 5 Reach and complete level 50 for "game all clear" screen
  In Your Face 3 Win a 1-on-1 game and a 2-on-2 game
Floating Platforms Incredible Crash Dummies, The 5 Difficulty increases each loop, ending is shown after 4th loop
  Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 3 Finish all levels and "choose wisely" to see the credits
  International Superstar Soccer 4 Win the International Cup
Floating Platforms Iron Man and X-O Manowar in Heavy Metal 5 Complete
koifish Ishido: The Way of Stones 2.5 Solitaire mode - empty the pouch
  Jack Nicklaus Golf 4 Score par or less on any course in Stroke Play, any difficulty, any tee.
  James Bond 007 3 Complete, any ending
  Jeep Jamboree: Off Road Adventure 5 Win the Championship race season on at least intermediate difficulty
Splain Jeopardy! 1 Win 1 game against CPU
Splain Jeopardy! Platinum Edition 2 Win 1 game against CPU
Splain Jeopardy! Sports Edition 2.5 Win 1 game against CPU
Splain Jeopardy! Teen Tournament 2 Win 1 game against CPU
Splain Jetsons: Robot Panic, The 2.5 Complete
  Jimmy Connors Tennis 3.5 Complete the Tour on at least Intermediate difficulty
  Joe & Mac 3.5 Complete
Floating Platforms Jordan vs. Bird: One on One 4 Win a game of One on One Full, at least CPU level 3
  Judge Dredd 4 Complete
Mae247 Jungle Book, The 5 Complete normal mode
  Jungle Strike 5 Complete
Mae247 Jurassic Park 3 Complete (6 levels)
Mae247 Jurassic Park Part 2: The Chaos Continues 3.5 Complete
  Ken Griffey, Jr. Presents Major League Baseball 5 Win either Season mode or Playoffs
Mae247 Kid Dracula 1.5 Complete
Gaia Gensouki Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters 2 Complete
Floating Platforms Killer Instinct 2.5 Defeat Eyedol on at least Normal difficulty
  King of Fighters '95, The 2.5 Beat Single Play or Team Play
  Kingdom Crusade 4 Defeat the computer on at least Standard difficulty, any world size
Gaia Gensouki Kirby's Block Ball 2 Beat Dedede (reach the borderline score on every level to access the final level)
SuperJimtendo Kirby's Dream Land 1 Defeat King Dedede, only one run-through required
  Kirby's Dream Land 2 1 Find all seven Rainbow Drops, then beat the final boss for the good ending
Gaia Gensouki Kirby's Pinball Land 3.5 Defeat the boss of all 3 tables, defeat King Dedede
  Kirby's Star Stacker 2.5 Complete Round Clear mode, all difficulties
Splain Klax 4 Complete wave 99
  Knight Quest 3 Complete
  Krusty's Fun House 5 Complete all levels
Mae247 Kung Fu Master 1 Complete, any difficulty
PII Kwirk 3 Complete all 30 "Going up" puzzles
  Lamborghini American Challenge 4 Complete
Mae247 Last Action Hero 4 Complete
  Lazlos' Leap 3.5 Complete all 100 puzzles, par not needed-- there is no known ending screen
  Legend of the River King GB 3 Catch a Guardian to see the ending
BriGuy82 Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, The 1 Complete
  Lemmings 4 Complete all 100 levels
  Lethal Weapon 5 Complete
Mae247 Lion King, The 5 Defeat Scar to see the credits
Drunktendo64 Little Mermaid, The 1 Complete
  Lock 'n' Chase 3 Complete Normal and Extra Mode
acromite53 Looney Tunes 1.5 Complete
  Loopz 5 Complete Game C (50 screens)
  Lost World: Jurassic Park, The 4 Complete
  Madden '95 5 Beat Season or Playoffs mode
  Madden '96 5 Beat Season or Playoffs mode
  Madden '97 5 Beat Season or Playoffs mode
  Malibu Beach Volleyball 4 Win a 3-game set against the CPU to get the "best on the beach" screen
BriGuy82 Marble Madness 1.5 Complete one loop (5 levels?)
0xDEAFC0DE Mario's Picross 1.5 Complete all puzzles (Easy Picross not required)
  Maru's Mission 2.5 Complete
  Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow 4 Complete
BriGuy82 Mega Man II 1 Complete
Gaia Gensouki Mega Man III 1.5 Complete
Gaia Gensouki Mega Man IV 1.5 Complete
Gaia Gensouki Mega Man V 1 Complete
Gaia Gensouki Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge 1 Complete
Splain Megalit 5 Complete all levels in both Easy and Quest modes
BriGuy82 Mercenary Force 3.5 Complete
  Metal Masters 5 Complete
Br81zad Metroid II: Return of Samus 1 Complete
  Mickey Mouse: Magic Wands! 2.5 Complete
BriGuy82 Mickey's Dangerous Chase 1 Complete
Splain Mickey's Ultimate Challenge 2 Complete on at least medium difficulty
  Micro Machines 4 Complete Challenge mode to see the credits
  Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 3 Complete the game on Hard to get the "real" ending
Gaia Gensouki Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie 3.5 Complete the game on any difficulty
  Milon's Secret Castle 3.5 Complete
  Miner 2049er 5 Complete all 10 stations
  Missile Command 3.5 Get 150,000 points (this is the high score in the Arcade Classics cart; either cart may be used)
twiztor Mole Mania 3 Make your way through all worlds and beat Jinbe. Total # of points doesn't affect the ending.
Drunktendo64 Monopoly 1.5 Win 1 game against any number of "top four" CPU opponents
  Monster Truck Wars 4 Top the leaderboard after the last race, medium difficulty
Mae247 Mortal Kombat 2 Beat all enemies with any character
Mae247 Mortal Kombat 3 4 Beat all fighters on at least Warrior difficulty
Mae247 Mortal Kombat II 1.5 Beat all enemies with any charcter, medium difficulty
Mae247 Motocross Maniacs 3 Qualify on course 8C to get the boring GAME OVER screen
Mae247 Mouse Trap Hotel 3.5 Complete
Gaia Gensouki Mr. Chin's Gourmet Paradise 2.5 Loops after stage 8
  Mr. Do! 3.5 Loops after scene 16
  Ms. Pac-Man 3 See all 3 intermissions
  Muhammad Ali Heavyweight Boxing 4 Win the World Title
  Mulan 4 Complete
Floating Platforms Mysterium 5 Complete
  Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon 4 Complete
  Nail 'n' Scale 5 Complete all 51 levels, any difficulty
  Navy SEALs 4 Complete
  NBA All-Star Challenge 4 Win the Tournament on at least Skill Level 2
  NBA All-Star Challenge 2 4 Win the One-on-One Tournament on at least Skill Level 2
  NBA Jam 4 Beat all 27 teams
koifish NBA Jam: Tournament Edition 5 Beat all 27 teams
  NBA Live 96 5 Win Season or Playoffs
Gaia Gensouki Nemesis 2.5 Complete (adding more lives at the title screen is allowed)
Gaia Gensouki New Chessmaster, The 1.5 Win 1 game
koifish NFL Football 5 Win a game, any settings
  NFL Quarterback Club 3 Win Tournament mode on at least Medium difficulty
  NFL Quarterback Club 96 5 Win Season or Playoffs mode
Mae247 NFL Quarterback Club II 5 Win a single game, any settings
Floating Platforms NHL 96 5 Win New Playoffs or Sevens
  NHL Hockey 95 5 Win New Playoffs or Sevens
  Nigel Mansell's World Championship Racing 5 Win the Full Season
Mae247 Ninja Boy 4 Complete (the last stage is 8-4)
  Ninja Boy 2 5 Complete on at least Normal difficulty
  Ninja Gaiden Shadow 1 Defeat the boss at the end of stage 5 to see the credits
  Ninja Taro 4 Complete
  Nintendo World Cup 3 Beat all teams in 1P mode
  Nobunaga's Ambition 3.5 Select any daimyo on any difficulty, defeat everyone else to see the ending
VegaVegas Oddworld Adventures 5 Complete
Floating Platforms Olympic Summer Games: Atlanta 1996 5 Top the final medal count in Play mode (Normal difficulty, do not exclude any events)
bronzeshield Operation C 1.5 Complete
  Out of Gas 4 Complete (last level is 8-8)
  Pac-Attack 4 Beat all 100 levels in Puzzle mode
  Pac-In-Time 4 Complete all 50(?) levels
koifish Pac-Man 2.5 See all 3 intermissions
Floating Platforms Pagemaster, The 5 Complete
  Panel Action Bingo 4 Finish all 50 levels
  Paperboy 3 Finish the week without losing all your subscribers
  Paperboy 2 5 Top the high score list (100,000 points?)
  Penguin Wars 2 Win 40 rounds (beat each opponent 10 times) to see credits
  PGA European Tour 5 Win a Tournament
  PGA Tour 96 4 Win a Tournament
koifish Pinball Dreams 3 Top the high score list for all 3 tables
  Pinball Fantasies 3 Top the high score list for all 4 tables
  Pinocchio 4 Complete (7 stages, counting the balloons/coaster stages as 1)
Splain Pipe Dream 2 Finish all levels, any difficulty
  Pit-Fighter 4 Become the champion
Splain Play Action Football 5 Complete 1P Playoffs
  Pocahontas 3.5 Complete
Mae247 Pokémon Blue Version 1 beat the Elite Four
Mae247 Pokémon Red Version 1.5 beat the Elite Four
koifish Popeye 2 3 Complete
  Power Mission 5 Complete all areas
  Power Racer 3 Complete round 9 to get "All cleared"
  Prehistorik Man 5 Complete
  Primal Rage 3.5 Complete 1P Game
  Prince of Persia 5 Complete
  Prophecy: The Viking Child 5 Complete all 8 levels
  Punisher: The Ultimate Payback, The 3.5 Complete all 5 missions
  Pyramids of Ra 5 Complete all 5 pyramids to see the credits
  Q*bert for Game Boy 5 Complete all levels. After 16-4 you'll see the last scene of the movie and the credits.
  QBillion 5 Complete all levels
0xDEAFC0DE Qix 2 Loops after stage 8
bronzeshield Quarth 4 Unlock and finish stage 5-9
koifish R-Type 3.5 Complete all 8 levels
  Race Days 5 Select Dirty Racing, complete every area on at least Hazardous mode.
  Race Drivin' 4 Qualify, then beat CPU players on all 3 tracks
  Radar Mission 3 Beat Game A with any settings and Game B on Normal difficulty
  Raging Fighter 5 Complete the 1P Tournament mode OR the Story mode, default difficulty
  Rampart 5 Conquer all areas on Normal difficulty
  Real Ghostbusters, The 3.5 Complete all stages
Mae247 Ren & Stimpy Show: Space Cadet Adventure, The 3.5 Complete
Mae247 Ren & Stimpy Show: Veediots!, The 2.5 Complete
  Rescue of Princess Blobette, The 2.5 Rescue Princess Blobette
0xDEAFC0DE Revenge of the 'Gator 2.5 Beat the high score
Floating Platforms Riddick Bowe Boxing 5 Beat Career mode
  Ring Rage 3.5 Beat Tournament mode
  Road Rash 2.5 Finish all 5 levels (5 races per level)
  Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves 3.5 Complete
Mae247 RoboCop 3.5 Complete
  RoboCop 2 3.5 Complete
  RoboCop Versus The Terminator 4 Complete
  Roger Clemens' MVP Baseball 5 Win the Regular Season
Gaia Gensouki Rolan's Curse 3 Complete
Gaia Gensouki Rolan's Curse 2 5 Complete
  Rugrats Movie, The 3.5 Complete (7 stages)
  Samurai Shodown 3 Defeat all other fighters and see the ending with any character
  SeaQuest DSV 5 Complete
Splain Serpent 2.5 Beat the CPU in either mode, at least level 3. "Bonus" ending screens not required.
Splain Shanghai 1 Complete the board generated by the first three letters of your real name. Playback allowed.
  Shaq Fu 2 Complete Shaq Fu mode
  Side Pocket 4 Achieve World Class in Pocket mode
  Simpsons, The: Bart & the Beanstalk 4 Complete
bronzeshield Simpsons, The: Bart vs. The Juggernauts 5 Complete
  Simpsons: Itchy & Scratchy Miniature Golf Madness 4 Finish all 9 holes (par?)
beatthegameboy Skate or Die: Bad 'n' Rad 2.5 Beat all 7 stages
  Skate or Die: Tour de Thrash 3 Clear the Stale Fish Tour and beat the high score (40000) on the retro-rocket ramp
  Small Soldiers 4 Complete
Mae247 Smurfs, The 1.5 Complete
0xDEAFC0DE Sneaky Snakes 3 Complete all 16 levels
  Snoopy's Magic Show 3 Complete all 120 levels
Gaia Gensouki Snow Bros. Jr. 2 Complete all levels
Gaia Gensouki Soccer Mania 4 Win 1 game
Drunktendo64 SolarStriker 1.5 Complete (6 stages)
  Solitaire FunPak 2.5 Win every game once (except poker; unless there is some way to "win" poker)
  Solomon's Club 3 Access and complete Level Solomon
koifish Space Invaders 1.5 Beat the high score (1000)
  Spanky's Quest 3.5 Complete all towers
  Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe 5 Win either League or Cup mode
  Speedy Gonzales 3.5 Complete
  Spider-Man 3: Invasion of the Spider-Slayers 5 Complete
  Spider-Man and the X-Men in Arcade's Revenge 4 Complete
  Sports Illustrated for Kids: The Ultimate Triple Dare! 4 Finish each event once without throwing your Game Boy across the room
Floating Platforms Sports Illustrated: Championship Football & Baseball 5 Win a football tournament and a baseball tournament
  Sports Illustrated: Golf Classic 5 Get par or better on a full course in 1-Player Practice mode
Mae247 Spot: The Cool Adventure 3.5 Complete on any difficulty
Mae247 Spot: The Video Game 2 Win a game against the CPU on at least difficulty 3
  Spud's Adventure 3.5 Complete (there are 5 stages)
Mae247 Spy vs. Spy 4 Complete all levels
  Square Deal: The Game of Two Dimensional Poker 5 Beat level 10
  Star Trek Generations: Beyond the Nexus 4 Enter the answer to the final trivia question as a password, then finish that mission
  Star Trek: 25th Anniversary 5 Complete
  Star Trek: The Next Generation 4 Achieve Captain rank
Mae247 Star Wars 4 Complete (there are 6 stages)
Mae247 Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back 5 Complete
Floating Platforms Stargate 4 Win 1P Battle mode, default difficulty
  Stop That Roach! 5 Complete all 100 levels
koifish Street Fighter II 1.5 Complete Normal or Survival mode
Floating Platforms Street Racer 5 Win Championship > Gold Cup on at least MED difficulty
  Sumo Fighter 3.5 Complete
Splain Super Battletank 5 Complete all 10 missions
  Super Black Bass 5 Advance to the final tournament and win
  Super Breakout 4 Regular mode loops after 8 patterns
Splain Super Chase H.Q. 3.5 Complete all 7 stages. Secret 8th stage not needed
  Super Hunchback 4 Complete
koifish Super Mario Land 1 Complete
koifish Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins 1 Complete (normal mode)
Splain Super Off Road 3.5 Buy all powerups, including 99 nitros, and top the scoreboard
  Super R.C. Pro-Am 2 Spell NINTENDO three times to see the ending
  Super Scrabble 3 Win 1 game against CPU
  Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi 5 Complete on at least Brave difficulty
Floating Platforms Superman 4 Complete
Mae247 Swamp Thing 3 Complete
Gaia Gensouki Sword of Hope II, The 3.5 Complete
  Sword of Hope, The 3 Defeat the Dragon to see the "fin" screen
Floating Platforms T2: The Arcade Game 3.5 Complete
Floating Platforms Tail 'Gator 2 Defeat the Giant Dragon at the end of Area 4
  TaleSpin 1.5 Complete
  Tamagotchi 3.5 Win any tournament with an adult Tamagotchi
  Tarzan: Lord of the Jungle 5 Complete
Floating Platforms Tasmania Story 4 Complete
Floating Platforms Taz-Mania 4 Complete
  Taz-Mania 2 5 Complete
  Tecmo Bowl 3.5 Advance to the Tecmo Bowl and win with any team
  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Back from the Sewers 2 Complete
  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: Radical Rescue 3.5 Complete
bronzeshield Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan 1.5 Complete
BriGuy82 Tennis 1 Win a match against the CPU, level 3 or higher
  Terminator 2: Judgment Day 4 Complete
Splain Tesserae 3.5 Complete a "tournament" at any difficulty
0xDEAFC0DE Tetris 1.5 Score 100,000 points on game A, and clear level 9-5 on game B
Floating Platforms Tetris 2 4 Complete all puzzles with the "minimum moves" icon
Drunktendo64 Tetris Attack 2 Complete Vs. Com mode, at least Normal difficulty
Splain Tetris Blast 2 Beat Fight mode, Endless mode loops after 50 rounds
Splain Tetris Plus 3.5 Complete all levels in all locations, at least Normal difficulty
  Tiny Toon Adventures 2: Montana's Movie Madness 3.5 Complete Hard mode (finish the game normally to receive the code)
Gaia Gensouki Tiny Toon Adventures: Babs' Big Break 1.5 Complete
Mae247 Tiny Toon Adventures: Wacky Sports 5 Win the Sports Festival on at least Amateur difficulty
  Titus the Fox 3 Finish level 6 part 2 to compete the game
  Tom & Jerry 4 Complete (there are 10 levels)
  Tom and Jerry: Frantic Antics 4 Complete (there are 10 levels)
  Top Gun: Guts and Glory 5 Complete all missions
  Top Rank Tennis 4 Achieve the #1 ranking and defeat Master Joe
Splain Torpedo Range 5 Liberate all countries from the terrorists
  Total Carnage 4 Complete
  Toxic Crusaders 3.5 Complete
  Toy Story 3.5 Complete (10 stages)
  Track & Field 4 Competition mode: Place on the podium (get 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place overall)
  Track Meet 3.5 Defeat all 5 opponents
Drunktendo64 Trax 1.5 Complete all stages on Main Game
  True Lies 3 Complete
  Tumblepop 2.5 Complete
  Turn and Burn: The F-14 Dogfight Simulator 5 Complete all missions
Floating Platforms Turok: Battle of the Bionosaurs 5 Complete
  Turrican 4 Complete (there are 10 levels)
Splain Ultima: Runes of Virtue 4 Complete on at least Medium difficulty
  Ultima: Runes of Virtue II 5 Complete on at least Medium difficulty
  Ultra Golf 3.5 Win the Masters tournament, then Championship tournament
  Universal Soldier 3.5 Complete
Splain Urban Strike 4 Complete all 5 areas
koifish Vegas Stakes 5 Win 10 million dollars to see the ending
VegaVegas Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman! 2.5 Complete all levels and final boss as either Bomberman or Wario
  Wario Land II 2.5 Complete every level
VegaVegas Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 1.5 Collect every treasure and beat the final boss to have your face carved into the moon
  Wave Race 3 Beat Circuit and Slalom modes at 800cc to see the credits
Floating Platforms Wayne's World 3.5 Beat the final boss at the end of Stage 4 Part 2
Floating Platforms WCW World Championship Wrestling: The Main Event 3.5 Finish Elimination tournament mode on any difficulty
  We're Back!: A Dinosaur's Story 4 Complete
Drunktendo64 Wheel of Fortune 1.5 Win 1 game
  Who Framed Roger Rabbit 3 Beat the final boss at the end of Scene 6
Splain WildSnake 4 Complete the King-Cobra challenges to see the credits
  Winter Olympic Games: Lillehammer '94 5 Play "FULL COMPETION" mode and top the leaderboard after the last event.
  Wizards & Warriors X: The Fortress of Fear 3.5 Defeat Malkil and save the princess
Splain Wordtris 3 Spell the bonus word on level J, which is endless
Splain WordZap 2.5 Complete all 6 rounds of WordHai - Challenge Play
  World Bowling 5 Beat the 'hi-score' in all six countries
Splain World Circuit Series 5 Complete the Series Circuit mode, at least middle difficulty
  World Cup 98 5 Win the Tournament or Playoffs
  World Heroes 2 Jet 3.5 Beat Tournament mode
  WWF King of the Ring 2 Win the Tournament on Medium difficulty
  WWF Raw 2 Win the One-on-one Tournament on Medium difficulty
  WWF Superstars 1.5 Beat all other wrestlers, any options
  WWF Superstars 2 2.5 Win the Tournament, either regular or cage match.
  WWF War Zone 4 Beat WWF Challenge mode with any wrestler
  Xenon 2 Megablast 3.5 Complete (5 levels)
  Yogi Bear's Gold Rush 4 Complete - feel free to increase your retries/continues
Splain Yoshi 3.5 Game B: loops after level 16
Splain Yoshi's Cookie 2 beat level 10-10 to see the credits
  Zen: Intergalactic Ninja 2 Complete
  Zool: Ninja of the "Nth" Dimension 5 Complete on Normal difficulty - feel free to increase your continues
  Zoop 5 Complete Level mode
  Adventures of Lolo 4 Complete all levels to see the ending, pro stages not required
  Alien Olympics 5
Play "one player" mode and play through all events. Place 1st overall to be the Champion.
Gaia Gensouki Asterix 5 Rescue Obelix to see the credits
  Asterix & Obelix 5 Complete all levels
  Battle of Olympus, The 5 Defeat Hades
  Beethoven 5 Complete all 6 levels
  Blues Brothers: Jukebox Adventures, The 5 Complete
  Bomb Jack 5 Complete all 60 levels to see the credits
  Boulder Dash 5 Complete the last level in each world
koifish Bust-a-Move 3 DX 5 Complete any path in Arcade > 1P Puzzle mode
  Castle Quest 5 Complete Quest Mode
  Choplifter III 5 Complete each level in each sector
Gaia Gensouki Cool Hand 4 Win each game (one round of blackjack is ok)
  Die Maus 5 Complete each level to see credits
Bucket Dropzone 4 Beat the high score of 10,000 points
  FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 5 Win the Tournament or Playoffs mode
  Fire Fighter 5 Complete all 10 levels
  Football International 5 Win the World Cup
  Franky, Joe & Dirk: On The Tiles 5 Complete each level, any difficulty
koifish Game Boy Gallery 3 Play each game
  Hammerin' Harry: Ghost Building Company 3.5 Complete every stage, see the ending
Mae247 Hugo 2 4 Complete
  Jelly Boy 5 Complete every level
  King of Fighters: Heat of Battle, The 4 Reach the credits on Single Play or Team Play
Mae247 Lawnmower Man, The 5 Complete
  Lemmings 2: The Tribes 5 Complete every level for every tribe
koifish Lingo 3.5 Win 1 game against the computer, you can choose to play the bonus round or not
  Lucky Luke 5 Complete
  Lucle 5 Complete every level
  Magnetic Soccer 4 Win a game against CPU, at least level C
  Matthias Sammer Soccer 5  
  Max 5 Complete every level
  Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament 5 Win the Super League
  Monster Max 5 Complete
  Montezuma's Return 5 Complete
Mae247 Mr. Nutz 5 Complete
Mae247 Othello 3.5 Win a game against the CPU, at least COM2
  Ottos Ottifanten: Baby Bruno's Nightmare 5 Complete (130 levels?)
  Palamedes 5 Win a Tournament
  Parasol Stars: Rainbow Islands II 5 Complete
John198X Parodius 4 Complete
  Pierre le Chef is... Out to Lunch 5 Complete
  Pinball Mania 5 Top the high score list for each of the 4 tables
Mae247 Pocket Bomberman 4 Complete the Normal game
tanooki Pop'n TwinBee 4 Complete stage 6
  Populous 5 Complete (last level is ~1000)
Gaia Gensouki R-Type II 5 Complete
  Reservoir Rat 5 Complete all levels
  Rodland 5 Complete (40 levels)
Mae247 Sea Battle 4 Win a round of Super Battle Game
  Sensible Soccer: European Champions 5  
bronzeshield Smurfs Travel The World, The 5 Complete all regions
  Smurfs' Nightmare, The 4  
  Spirou 5 Complete
  Splitz 5 Complete all puzzles
Mae247 StarHawk 5 Complete
  Sunsoft Grand Prix 5  
Mae247 Super James Pond 5  
Mae247 Super Kick Off 5 Win a single game against the CPU
  Tintin in Tibet 5 Complete (14 stages)
  Tintin: Prisoners of the Sun 5  
  Tip Off 5 Win a tournament (choose a team and switch it to P)
Mae247 Trip World 3.5 Complete
  Un Indien Dans La Ville 5 Complete
  V-Rally Championship Edition 3.5 Win the Championship
Mae247 Waterworld 5 Complete (final boss at level 7, stage 5)
  World Beach Volley: 1992 GB Cup 5  
  World Cup USA '94 5 Win the World Cup
Mae247 Worms 4 Win a tournament, any size
Gaia Gensouki Magical Taruruuto-kun 2.5 DMG-MGJ
Gaia Gensouki Kitchen Panic 2.5 DMG-KPJ
Gaia Gensouki Mogura de Pon! 2.5 DMG-EPJ
Gaia Gensouki Sanrio Uranai Party 2.5 DMG-AG7J
tanooki Ganso Yanchamaru 2.5 DMG-YMJ
tanooki Nekketsu Koukou Dodge Ball Bu 2.5 DMG-NDJ


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Editorials Team · Posted


User Points Games
Mae247 252.5 72
Gaia Gensouki 103 37
Splain 103 34
Floating Platforms 102.5 24
koifish 72.5 22
BriGuy82 22.5 11
0xDEAFC0DE 20.5 9
bronzeshield 20 6
beatthegameboy 15.5 6
VegaVegas 15 5
Drunktendo64 10 7
Bucket 9 4
tanooki 9 3
CasualCart 4 1
John198X 4 1
ZeldaFreak 4 1
MrPeaPod 3 1
PII 3 1
Reed Rothchild 3 1
twiztor 3 1
Criterius 2.5 1
acromite53 1.5 1
ecmyers 1.5 1
Br81zad 1 1
SuperJimtendo 1 1


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  • The title was changed to Beat every Game Boy game - 2020 - 0/497

I don't know if we're ready for victory posts yet, but if we are, I knocked out The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Juggernauts:



I don't understand this game. Last year I had what seemed like a near-perfect run and didn't make the $100,000 (ergo, didn't beat the game). This year I botched up a ton of things, including stupidly losing 3 lives on the Apu stage, and still eked out a victory (by a margin of a few hundred dollars).

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Thanks! I'd beaten it before back in 2012, I guess just before the NA Game Boy efforts started. I picked it back up in November for last year's effort but got frustrated, and then tried again today and pulled out the win.

I think I liked it more back in 2012, but -- though the Moe's Tavern stages are pretty miserable -- as a game it's a bit better, i.e. more playable, than one might expect.

Edited by bronzeshield
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Editorials Team · Posted
2 hours ago, koifish said:

Not sure if I should replay games I played last year or only do new ones. Either way, I think we should aim for 250 this year!

Same. Not sure if never-beaten games should be the goal, or total games. Last year we beat a total of 237 games, counting PAL and Japanese games. I tried listing the never-beated games in bold on the table, but the bolding doesn't stick to the titles for some reason. I had a similar problem in the Genesis thread.

I definitely have some enemies on the list that have never been beaten. Maybe this is the year.

Edit: here are last year's first-time clears, counting PAL titles:

koifish 16
beatthegameboy 13
Floating Platforms 7
Splain 6
yojc 3
acromite53 2
arnpoly 2
bronzeshield 2
14u2ponder 1
Ferret Oxide 1
Tanooki 1
Edited by Splain
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  • The title was changed to Beat every Game Boy game - 2020 - 1/497
Editorials Team · Posted

Me: I should only do games that I haven't beaten before

Also me: Eyy here's Yoshi's Cookie for the 5th year in a row:


It's hilarious that it gives credits to Mario, Yoshi, the cursor, and every cookie. Then it gives a big "AND" and young Splain thinks "are... are they going to thank ME??" But then it shows the Yoshi Cookie instead.

10 hours ago, koifish said:

Wow! That screenshot is huge. I'm doing this on retroarch on ubuntu right now, and it is way bigger than I expected. Not sure what's up there. Let me know if it's an issue.

No biggie. (Heh.)

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  • The title was changed to Beat every Game Boy game - 2020 - 5/497

Mario Land 2 is done. It's been years since I played this game. It was fun to revisit, but looking back, I do feel like the levels are a little too short. It's a nice meaty game for someone's first time in Mario though, I'd recommend it for that purpose, as it was my first Mario game too. The only bummer is for the player who gets frustrated when they see that you lose all your boss wins if you game over, but hey, something has to pad the play time, right?


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I'm working on Quarth. This game is brutal -- I'm currently stuck on Stage 4-9.

Why on earth did they force players to unlock the game's later levels on a battery-operated system, given that there's no battery on the cart to save your progress? They could have at least given you a code or password to come back to it. As it stands, I'm just leaving my Super Game Boy 2 on overnight.

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it's not a Konami game boy game if it isn't cruel to the player!


In all seriousness though, this is a common problem in GB, especially in the earlier releases. Dragon Slayer 1 got a port to GB which is infamous in this regard. Not only is it very slow and clunky, it also takes something like 2-3 hours to finish one segment, so the game can end up being impossible to clear. More to the point, it's believed to even be impossible to finish on real hardware, with some even claiming that trying to beat it caused their game boys to overheat and fail.


I forgot how much drudgery is in Pokemon. I am tempted to just go 1st grader on this and ride my starter in every fight. Never fails in the story mode, gym leaders and elite 4 alike go down hard to a 10 year old with an overleveled charizard packing four fire-type moves.

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4 hours ago, koifish said:

it's not a Konami game boy game if it isn't cruel to the player!

In all seriousness though, this is a common problem in GB, especially in the earlier releases. Dragon Slayer 1 got a port to GB which is infamous in this regard. Not only is it very slow and clunky, it also takes something like 2-3 hours to finish one segment, so the game can end up being impossible to clear. More to the point, it's believed to even be impossible to finish on real hardware, with some even claiming that trying to beat it caused their game boys to overheat and fail.

You ain't kiddin'! I'm now up to Level 5-8 and struggling to get past it. Level 4-9 was a nightmare but I came up with a strategy eventually, and Levels 5-1 through 5-7 were a breeze in comparison.

Ouch re: Dragon Slayer 1. I was interested in playing that at some point but if I do, perhaps I'll stick to emulation.

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My hands can stop hurting, for Quarth is done:

lAN0Uhd.jpg MJM6hZi.jpg


I played as the "Fickle Savior" -- how could I not, since it looks rather like a winged, uh, appendage.

Level 4-9 was definitely the hardest by far for me, or maybe I just got better at the game, because Levels 5-8 and 5-9 fell quickly by comparison. At one point I made a short video to strategize about one bottleneck in 5-8, which was actually a huge help -- the next time I got there, I'd planned out what to do and beat the level immediately.

Re: Dragon Slayer I, it's mainly that I'm interested in playing through the Game Boy's first 100 releases or so, as a kind of informal project, so it'd come up in that context. And the game's reputation sort of intrigues me, since I've often enjoyed games that others deemed unplayable...

Edited by bronzeshield
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As promised in the GB weekly competition, here's Dead Heat Scramble done.


This game was needed some skill, but stages 9 and 10 are nearly impossible without a lot of luck for good items. I've played these near perfect before but still wasn't able to beat them when the cars weren't giving me anything good. I might try to go back at beat Bubble Ghost and Battle Unit Zeoth since I'm already practiced with them.

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  • The title was changed to Beat every Game Boy game - 2020 - 11/497

Battle Unit Zeoth done


I forgot just how easy this game is. I just looked back at the competition thread and realized I tied my 1st place score exactly. So, that wraps up the GB weekly competition games so far. SML is already done, and there's no way in hell I'm doing Game & Watch Gallery. I suck at that game.

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