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  1. I started off strong last year, but work and family got in the way and I set the games aside. I don't have any hopes or expectations for this year. Just gonna play when I can. Boggle Plus done.
  2. @Splain - I am a fan. I have the first version. It handles GB and GBC very smoothly. Some GBA games run flawlessly, some have some minor glitching and slow down. NES is sort of the same. SNES isn't really worth the struggle, IMO. I really like the small form factor. I have small hands, so it fits me, and I slip it in my pocket with em all the time. It certainly has some quirks to it and isn't perfect, but for the price, I can't complain too much. The v2 looks to be quite a bit more powerful and a nicer screen. Should be an excellent device. Of course, it seems that the RG350 is the go-to
  3. It's a close call. While I prefer the actual driving mechanics in MK64 more, the variety of game plays and levels in DKR is just superior and it's the one I would rather play.
  4. Trax complete This is a very simple shoot em up game, but it was fun for what it is. You press B to fire and A rotates your gun turret. It's a nice function, but having to mash A all the time to get your gun pointing the direction you want is annoying. I wish there was some indication that you are hitting the bosses, especially. There are power ups and life scattered all around. I breezed through most of it, but lost a couple lives on the final boss, mostly because you're scrunched down into the bottom portion of the screen. Still, a fun fast play through.
  5. The Little Mermaid completed This is a decent port of the NES game. Nothing spectacular about it. Some of the movement is a little clunky. The bosses are easy, and essentially all the same. Good music.
  6. Fist of the North Star completed I don't know much about the anime. That's not really my jam. This is a very early fighter game, and it shows. It is seriously lacking in moves, and the AI is dumb as bricks. Can't give it too much grief knowing how early this one is, but it provided no real challenge. I just spammed the projectiles, mostly, and the enemy just stood and received them. Kinda lame.
  7. Beat Monopoly. It's a pain in the butt. Usually when I play Monopoly it is super casual. The opponents in this are constantly mortgaging, un-mortgaging, proposing trades, blah blah blah. It is a grind that takes way longer than it needs to. The menuing is also kind of awkward. Would be fun to play with another real person, but the computer is booooring.
  8. Wheel of Fortune complete. In this version, you only play against 1 opponent instead of the 3 total contestants of the TV game show. The AI in this game is beyond stupid. In 2 of my rounds, their first guess was an X. You would have to really try to lose at this. Lastly, the music is horrendous. The game plays well and is a fine rendition of the game show, but play with the volume down.
  9. Tetris Attack complete. My goal is 25 gameboy games complete this year. Off to a good start, though I took on a couple easy ones so far.
  10. I'm a commercial coffee roaster for a community minded coffee company. The purpose behind what we do is to give back to and support our local community by empowering others. We donate a dollar for every retail bag we sell to a local organization that we let the purchaser pick from. We also do fundraisers for schools, churches, non-profits, etc. In my spare time, I brew beer at home and I am in a curling league.
  11. Yo. Drunktendo64 here. I was an old-school NAer under a different name, though I had been inactive for a number of years, because children. Now if I can get the kids to GO TO SLEEP, I'm eager to be active in a gaming community once again.
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