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Thank you Andrew (acidjaguar)!


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Nov 8 update:

Another shout out to @acidjaguar for being a huge help in acquiring some missing pieces again! Thank you again, Andrew!! It's truly appreciated.

I thought I'd share a pic of the items again, as there's some more obscure stuff in there that some of you may find interesting. This lot brings me to a handful of guides away from all the NES game-specific ones known, but those last ones will be near impossible to track down. Another side project the last years has been tracking down NES-related VHS tapes, and that eventually expanded into NES-era Nintendo cartoon tapes, too, which are increasingly more difficult to find sealed. So, also on that front, very happy with the new additions -- especially the screeners and NES repair tapes. There are a few old NA goodies in there, too. 🙂


Sep 3 2020 update:

See 3rd post.

Dec 11 2019:

A big shout out to our paper expert Andrew (@acidjaguar) for being an amazing person and going above and beyond to help out fellow collectors! 

He has been a huge help in acquiring many items from abroad, keeping an eye out for things I'm missing and sourcing lots of stuff the last couple years. Really can't thank you enough for your ongoing help, Andrew!!

I felt like this deserved its own thread vs. a feedback post. As it's in Finders Keepers, attached is a photo of the latest goodies added to the collection thanks to Andrew.


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Another big shout out to Andrew! It is because of his help, that I have been able to add the following cool pieces to the collection. Immensely thankful for your help, Andrew!

Some photos to share the largely paper (but also other media/accessory) goodies. Can anyone spot the highlights? 🙂 Excuse the game stuff in the first photo; not part of the lot, but did not have time to clean the area where I process new arrivals.









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On 11/8/2020 at 4:25 AM, RegularGuyGamer said:

That's some loot! Good stuff.


On 11/9/2020 at 11:56 PM, Hubz said:

This is some amazing stuff, would you ever consider scanning some of it to be preserved? I helped write https://scanning.guide/ and would be happy to assist if you'd be willing to at some point.


I'd definitely like to scan some of this stuff eventually, but for now, I make sure to preserve it well in a cool and dry place away from light etc. I used to scan everything up until a decade ago, and then time just became too scarce.

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