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KUBO 2: L'Aventurier Courageux


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This game is my son's second game, the continuation of Kubo's adventures, this time in the form of a platformer, in an Egyptian landscape.

My son had more experience, after the 1st game, so he wanted to add more challenges, having more ideas, ... but, due to lack of time because he wanted to submit this game to the NESmaker Byte-Off Competition, he had to lower his ambitions. 

It was an awesome experience, again, we worked together for hours... during weekends at the end of february to make it in time for the competition. I have to say my son is very proud of this one too, it's his first participation to a game jam (I fixed the last issues, he had in some tile collisions... a few hours before submitting his game).

spacer.png spacer.png spacer.png



Here's the ROM file:

KUBO 2 (NESMaker).zip

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