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Underground Adventure


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"Follow Harry & Jack's adventures in mysterious caves. Collect all gems to complete levels. Escapes monsters and complete all levels to reach the final exit!"

Underground Adventure is a small game I created for the NESmaker Byte-Off Competition that was organized by The New 8bit Heroes, earlier this year.

I love Arcades... When I was a teenager, during summer, I used to spend days (and coins) playing on the machines. With that in mind, I created "Underground Adventure", a console port of an imaginary classic 80's arcade game.

Basically, it's a classic arcade-ish game, 1 screen levels, gems to collect in a certain amount of time, monsters to avoid (or shoot if you collect the right item) and a 2 player co-op mode.

spacer.png spacer.png spacer.png

Notes on the code:
NESmaker doesn't support 2 player (there is no code for a 2nd player in the framework of NESmaker). It is 1 player only. So for this project, I took the smaller/simpler module that comes with NESmaker and I modified everything, deeply (reading 2nd controller, code for collisions with both player objects, etc, .. also, fix all the issues of that simple module that was completely broken, for my game). My scripts are no more compatible with the default core engine of NESmaker. So after having finished that game, I cleaned my code and released a new "2 player" core (with Adventure + Paltformer modules) for the NESmaker community, to be able to make their own small 2 player games.


Here's the ROM file:

Underground Adventure (Arcade) [NESMaker] 20190719c.zip

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