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This game is the first NES demo I made, while I was discovering the joys of the ASM language, thanks to NESmaker.

I like sci-fi and adventure, exploration or narrative games... and also arcade games.
I grew up in the 80s, with my parents' Atari2600, then with the NES which was MY first console. Not having found a name for this game, I simply called it "PressStart Game".

Press_Start_Game_Start_Screen.png  Press_Start_Game.png  Press-Start-Game-Screen-01.png

The synopisis is simple, you are a space explorer and are captured by aliens on your way home. You wake up in an unknown place... and have to find a way to escape.

It was my first demo. I would like to continue the adventure one day....

A small video: https://youtu.be/vm5NedJaI2g

The rom file is here: 



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Thank you, 8-bit guerilla. The squares, were placeholders at the begining... but more I was working with them, more I liked the minimalistic style of them. So, I guess, if/when I will continue that project, I'll keep them kinda square shaped (maybe try to add some details).

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3 hours ago, dale_coop said:

Oh wow! Raft.... It's very similar. But of course, I grow up in the middle of all that imagery, of the 80'sand begining of the 90's... used to have those kind of posters in my room when I was adolescent 😛 Best memories.

Haha, so many universal similarities when it comes to Science Fiction! haha

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