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SkateCat [NES/FAMICOM] by SJ Games


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I think I never talked about that project on the forum (I shared a lot about it on Twitter and Instagram)...


The future game from SJ Games (my almost 10 year old son), after his previous KUBO games.

SkateCat is a platformer game in which you play as a skate cat who must face different demons that have invaded the world.
The game will feature several levels in different universes and as many bosses.

Seiji (SJ Games) is working hard on it, during some weekend/holidays. He hopes to finish the game by the end of the year, we might release a physical edition (late 2022 or early 2023). But we'll see, I want him to have fun making it (with his current passions about cats and skateboarding).

-> Get the demo here:

SkateCat-2.png SkateCat Sewers-01.png

Created by SJ Games (story, gfx, chara design, level design)
NESmaker software (by Joe Granato / The New 8bit Heroes).  
Custom code and debug by me (@dale_coop).
Music and sfx by my best buddy @Raftronaut.


(prototype cart, the final cart might not have that label art)


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