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Hello from Romania

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It is time to write a hello post. I joined in 2020 after the demise of NA. I have not been active since like 2016 and first started collecting 2006. I started with a simple goal, to get the games I had as kid in Sweden. After that to get all the games released in Sweden, then PAL-B, NTSC, and then just everything that was NES games carts. I ended up with quite a large collection. Now I am active again as I am reducing my collection back to where I started more or less.

I now live in Romania and you can check out my selling thread. If you are looking for any NES game I probably have it or had it last months as selling has picked up some pace now that I am active again. It is quite nice to go through the games, test them etc and the journey to collect is definitely greater than the goal itself.

Anyway, its fun to be active again, participate and read what is going on in the community.

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