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FS: My NES Collection


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Hey all! I'm looking to raise money for a project so I'm letting go of most of my NES collection.  Most are in pretty good shape. I made sure that every price was below pricecharting/ebay/etc.


Here is the list:

Adventures of Link gray cart - 17
Adventures of Tom Sawyer - 9
Disney Adventures in the Magic Kingdom - 4
Astyanax -5
Back to the Future II + III -11
Bad Dudes -5
Barbie -9
Bill and Ted -10
Bubble Bobble -16
Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout -7
Burgertime -10
Caveman Games -7
Contra -24
Crystalis -18
Deja Vu -9
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde -15
Dr Mario -5
Faxanadu -6
Flying Dragon -5
Freedom Force -12
Friday the 13th -10
Ghosts n Goblins -12
Goonies II -6
Gun Smoke -13
Gun Smoke alt label -13
Ikari Warriors -5
Ikari Warriors II -5
Jaws -7
Karnov -7
Kid Niki -7
Kirby -20
Klax -7
Legend of Kage -6
Legendary Wings -8
Little Mermaid -9
Mafat Conspiracy -4
Magmax -4
Marble Madness -6
Megaman 2 -25
Megaman 3 -19
NES Open -5
Ninja Gaiden -10
Pac Man (Tengen) -7
Quatro Adventure -7
Rad Racer II -3
Ring King -7
Rygar -9
Simpsons Bart Vs. The World -6
Skate or Die -3
Smash TV -10
Snake Rattle 'n Roll -8
Spelunker -10
Star Tropics -9
Super dodge ball -10
Tecmo Bowl -9
Tecmo World Wrestling -5
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II -10
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III 25
Tetris -6
Tiny Toon Adventures -10
Treasure Master -16
Ultima Exodus -8
Werewolf -10
WCW Wrestling -7
Wrestlemania Challenge -5
Yoshi -7
Zanac -15
Zoda's Revenge -13



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It was too hard for me to read the list so I only got part way through. I always find it easier to scan cartridge labels, that might help get more interest. If you posted multiple photos where I can quickly scan them, that would help and it would also help me spot variants which I can't see from the list.

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