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When Did Limited Run Games Start Doing Digital Releases?


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Well, as long as they continue to publish their physical copies their slogan is still intact.  I'm guessing these are for the people that want to buy physical, but don't want to open it.  I haven't looked into it myself to confirm what's going on, but that would be my guess.  

Buy the physical version.  Put it on your shelf and just look at it.  Play the digital version.  

That's not for me though.  I'll just stick with just buying the physical version and playing the physical version.

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14 minutes ago, Reed Rothchild said:

Well, most of the titles were already released or going digital before they signed with LRG.  So I think this is just a promotion for all of those collectively with the LRG name attached.

This is what I thought, outside of distro titles that they bought the physical rights to digital games and handled that.  It just surprised me when they said shop our digital titles.

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1 hour ago, Code Monkey said:

Digital copies of something you own physical should be free. If I buy a physical CD, I often get a digital download of the album for free, same thing with movies.

You already own the digital content on the card, why not just give it to you in another form? I don't get it.

Greed. You're 100% correct, though. 

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1 hour ago, a3quit4s said:

I cancelled my shredders revenge radical preorder last month after they pushed it again and I probably won’t order from them again 

Yowza. When did the orders start and when were they supposed to ship? 


That one?

Holy shit... I can't even lie.... looks pretty.... radical. 

I mean... they nailed it. 🤷‍♂️ I'm not surprised you ordered one. That little mini arcade cabinet would be perfect for work. As with most of the other stuff. 

Generally I don't like this type of stuff..... but..... when it's TMNT.... done in an old school style.

HOW. CAN. I. SAY. NO. It's neat looking but the limited run deal just puts me off. 


55 minutes ago, DoctorEncore said:

After they sell 1000 digital copies, they take the computer that contains the source code and push it off a bridge into an oncoming train. LIMITED.

Thank you for solving this issue. 

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