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Creating this thread to post things I am working on or just to share things in my collection. Mainly for posterity. 

Running around the basement with a tape measure this morning with some creative juices flowing so thats good. (Cold brew coffee has a kick). Have a sign I need to get put up and backlit. 

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Recent project was revamping a corner downstairs. Alot of days I just pull a GB cart and have title music just playing in the background. This morning is Star wars.

Recently found a nice 3 piece Sony speaker system for $7 at the thrift store to go with the PVM Super Gameboy setup. 

Adding the LED strip to the wooden closet pole I found in the storage room worked well to light the GB collection. Liked how it all turned out. 






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13 minutes ago, m308gunner said:

Nice clean setup. Did you make the shelves for the Gameboy games?

Thank you. The shelves came from a pickup awhile back where the guy had them in his basement originally made for displaying baseball cards. They had hinged plexi front doors that I removed. Got 4 of them in total. He just gave them to me. 

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Got my TRU sign up. Going to need some trim finishing around the top and sides but going to ponder that solution for a bit. Nice little Saturday project. 


Update:  Added a WON sign above and some plushie, perler filler. Works for now  lol







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Added updated pics
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