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VGS Atari High Scores


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Welcome to the Video Game Sage: Atari High Scores!

You can submit a score for any Atari game. Photos of your high scores are encouraged!
Unless otherwise specified, games are played on the default setting of 1/b/b

Badge Challenges:

Some Atari games (most famously Activision games) awarded patches for surpassing challenge scores. Throughout the year, I will highlight certain games by posting a challenge score for it. Anyone who beats that challenge will earn a badge graphic for that game next to their name below the scoreboard.

For 2022 We currently have:

yars.png.217d1ce84c3645f99b0a9aeb78a578be.pngTo earn: score +200k (Game 6: Ultimate Yar's)

turmoil.png.d641138515abdcc26299e97c7c707ecd.pngTo earn: score +100k (game 1/b)

subterranea.jpg.42027b9aa53602abb125be2f32bebc18.jpg         To earn: score +15K (game 1/b)

MountainKing.jpg.a25cc4678d9feff77fd288ec05c6bdbd.jpg    To earn: Score +100k (game 1/b)

defenderpatch.thumb.jpeg.c5f15e12ceed1058ecf58f433c3d32e7.jpegTo earn: Score +200 (game 1/b)

qubepatch.jpg.28b185e508c49133db911c1f57a95b01.jpgTo earn: Score +60k (game 1/a)

                Q*bert's QUBES


I know not everyone has access to all these games. Here are some emulation tips:

to play in your browser (which is what I frequently do, as it is the most convenient), there is Javatari which can be found at a few places:




If you want to download an emulator, I recommend Stella: https://stella-emu.github.io/

You can also use a USB joystick when playing on emulator. I use and recommend the Hyperkin Trooper 2.

You can also find many of these games via various Flashback and plug-n-play devices.

To understand rules and scoring, its a good idea to check the manual: http://www.digitpress.com/library/manuals/atari2600/

Game Score Name Settings Challenge
ACTIVISON       Patch Score
Frostbite 153,380 Red   40k
  101,020 G-Type    
Robot Tank 64 G-Type   48, 60, 72
Pressure Cooker 23,945 G-type   45K
H.E.R.O 98,235 PII   75K
H.E.R.O 75,015 G-Type   75K
H.E.R.O 19,235 Loxx O)))    
Private Eye 99,174 G-Type #3/a/a 4sec Case 3
River Raid II 156,550 G-Type 1/a/b 60k
River Raid 67,520 acromite53   15k
  23,790 G-type    
  23,180 Loxx O)))    
Enduro (day4) 4,491 Loxx O)))   5 days
Crackpots 52,560 G-Type   75k
Beamrider 73,074 acromite53   40k,60k
  44,786 G-Type    
Dolphin 126,300 G-Type   80k, 300k
Dolphin 81,770 CasualCart    
Chopper Command 15,200 JeramiahJT   10k
  11,100 G-Type    
Stampede 5,330 profholt82 3/b/b 3k
  4,739 G-Type    
  4,248 JeramiahJT    
Kaboom (Expert) 4,839 acromite53 1/a 3k
  1,988 Bert    
Kaboom (Novice) 12,779 acromite53 1/b 3k
  2,366 profholt82    
"Catching a thousand"
1k with no drops
Pitfall 113,847 JeremiahJT   20k
  85,619 acromite53   20k
  27,362 Loxx O)))   20k
Pitfall II 161,437 JeremiahJT   99k
Skiing 28.12 JeremiahJT 3/b 28.2
  28.17 CasualCart    
Keystone Kapers
Megamania 122,620 acromite53   45k
  51,620 behemos   45k
Double Dragon 132,000 JeremiahJT    
Seaquest 199,970 acromite53   50k
  66,130 mbd39    
  58,820 Loxx O)))    
Spider Fighter 237,800 laddersandcakes 1/a 40k
  96,010 acromite53    
  53,740 CasualCart 1/b  
  49,490 CasualCart 1/a  
  49,370 mbd39    
Laser Blast 1,000,000 G-Type   100k, 1mil
  157,680 Loxx O)))    
Sky Jinks 0:36:58 CasualCart   0:37:00
Starmaster 3,953 JeremiahJT ensign  
  5,811 JeremiahJT leader  
Kung Fu Master 110,160 acromite53   45k
  48,520 G-Type    
Ghostbusters $15,600 JeremiahJT    
Barnstorming 33.09 CasualCart #1  
Barnstorming 50.78 CasualCart #2  
Barnstorming 53.54 CasualCart #3  
Air-Sea Battle 32 Loxx O)))    
Asteroids 129.049 acromite53 4/a/a
69k "Beat Tyler"
Asteroids 34,230 JeremiahJT    
Battlezone 59,000 G-Type  
75k patch score
Battlezone 40,000 Loxx O)))    
Berzerk     9/b/b  
Centipede 86,046
Centipede 84,439 acromite53    
Defender 335,550 G-type   200k
Defender 333,000 CasualCart    
Defender 320,050 Stan    
Defender 48,950 laddersandcakes 1/a  
Dig Dug 63,675 G-Type    
Dodge Em 154 Bert    
Galaxian 49,250
Galaxian 48,760 acromite53    
Galaxian 30,730 D2K    
Galaxian Perfect Wave
  JeremiahJT   3,920 (wave 1)
Galaxian Perfect Wave
Galaxian Perfect Wave
Gremlins 73,580 Bert    
Jr. Pac-Man        
Jungle Hunt 19,480 barrelsAndRivets 1/a  
Mario Bros. 96,900 G-Type   90k
Mario Bros. 96,300 JeremiahJT    
Millipede 133,040 G-Type    
Missile Command 88,390 acromite53    
Missile Command 22,165 G-Type    
Moon Patrol 26,700 G-Type    
Ms. Pac-Man 76,340 acromite53    
Pac-Man 999,999 G-type 6/b/b  
Phoenix 107,780 acromite53    
Phoenix 23,560 CasualCart    
Phoenix 16,430 mbd39    
Space Invaders 10,510 profholt82    
Space Invaders 6,870
Space Invaders 3,565 acromite53    
Star Raiders Ace 3 , Pilot 3 JeremiahJT lvl 10, lvl 20  
Vanguard 135,640 CasualCart    
  18,180 Loxx O)))    
Yars Revenge 211,416 G-Type 6/b 200k
Yars Revenge 201,643 Makar 6/b  
Yars Revenge 51,050 mbd39    
PARKER BROS.        
Reactor 78,833 G-type  
200k "Charlie Heath"
Q*bert 71,700 JeremiahJT 1/a/a  
  56,425 acromite53    
  46,775 mbd39    
Q*bert's Qubes 3,291,480 PII 1/a/a 60k
Q*bert's Qubes 96,375 G-type 1/a/a 60k
Frogger 2,258 barrelsAndRivets 1/a/-  
  1,884 acromite53    
Frogger 2 6,922 G-type   5k
Empire Strkes Back 2,247 behemos    
  1,961 JeremiahJT    
  1,527 Loxx O)))    
Return of the Jedi 2,002 Loxx O)))    
Gyruss 87,300 G-Type    
Popeye 28,500 G-Type   20k
  17,300 JeremiahJT    
Sky Skipper 7,150 JeremiahJT    
Donkey Kong 85,200 acromite53   50k
  61,000 G-Type    
  40,100 JeremiahJT    
Donkey Kong Jr. 89,900 acromite53   60k
  82,200 G-Type    
  80,500 JeremiahJT    
Mr. Do!        
Mouse Trap 20,049 G-Type    
  4,238 acromite53    
Mountain King 102,470 DefaultGen   100k
  98,740 G-Type    
GORF 16,000 acromite53   15k Medal
  15,600 CasualCart    
  7,100 G-Type    
Solar Fox        
"Solar Fox Rocks"
Complete all six challenge racks for the secret word
Wizard of Wor 33,500 G-Type   30k Medal
Blueprint 2,575 G-Type    
"Too Many Secrets"
Hit Ollie with the gun eight times, then unscramble the word.
IMAGIC       Expert Score
Atlantis       125k
Cosmic Ark 14,250
Cosmic Ark 12,590 CasualCart    
Demon Attack 101,890 acromite53   100k
Demon Attack 27,410
Dragonfire 2,170 G-type's son   25k
Laser Gates 38,039 acromite53    
No Escape       10k
Star Voyager captain JeremiahJT   35
Subterranea 10,889 G-type   15k
Tapper 80,000 acromite53    
Tapper 64,750 G-Type    
Tac-Scan 135,800 G-Type    
Tac-Scan 75,100
Coconuts 3,620 acromite53    
US GAMES        
Squeeze Box 6,460 acromite53    
Name this game 6,110 barrelsAndRivets 1/a  
Sir Lancelot 203,410 Loxx O)))    
Avalon Hill        
Death Trap 32,136 G-Type   Beat the game
Space Attack     1/a/a Beat the game
Astroblast 5,460 Loxx O)))    
Tron Deadly Discs 33,265 Loxx O)))    
Adventures of Tron 60,800 G-type    
  24,000 Loxx O)))    
20th Century Fox
Worm War I 144,840
  119,620 G-type 1/a  
  19,705 acromite53    
Turmoil 127,360 CasualCart   100k
  82,170 G-type    
  46,790 mbd39    
Marauder 38,960 G-type    
Beany Bopper 100,680 CasualCart    
Planet Patrol 10,470 CasualCart    



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Lets kick things off with our first spotlight challenge, Nintendo games on Atari:

In addition to the highscores chart, I'm going to keep leaderboard stats to track the participation of these challenges. For the month of November, beat the challenge score to earn a badge for that game next to your name (each worth +1 point). Simply playing all 7 games will earn you the bonus Nintari Championship badge (+3 points)


You have until midnight (VGS time) December 7 to post scores for this.

Sky Skipper - Challenge score 10k

Popeye - Challenge score 20k

Donkey Kong - Challenge score 50k

Donkey Kong Jr - Challenge Score 60k

Mario Bros. - Challenge Score 90k

Princess Rescue - (Super Mario Bros homebrew) Challenge Score: 90k (+2 more points if you beat the whole game)


Kung Fu Master - challenge score: 45k

(this is a port of the IREM arcade game, but since R&D1 did the NES port and its a black box game, I'm counting it)

Let me know if anyone needs me to link to a browser-based emulator for any of these games.


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Good stuff! Thanks for putting these together. I'll be playing with y'all on this. I haven't played the Atari in a while. Luckily I recently acquired Kung Fu master which I haven't tried out yet.

Question about difficulty switches. I see we are going by B. Would you consider that the default? I've seen it referred to as both. Asteroids calls A the advanced/expert game. Q bert calls A Normal game.

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Yes, Game 1 / B / B will be the default settings unless otherwise specified. B is sometimes also referred to as Novice and A as Expert. There may be a few instances where the difficulty switches do not follow this rule, but according to the manual, Q*bert is not an exception: http://www.digitpress.com/library/manuals/atari2600/qbert.pdf

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Just now, G-type said:

Yes, Game 1 / B / B will be the default settings unless otherwise specified. B is sometimes also referred to as Novice and A as Expert. There may be a few instances where the difficulty switches do not follow this rule, but according to the manual, Q*bert is not an exception: http://www.digitpress.com/library/manuals/atari2600/qbert.pdf

Could you remind me of the equivalent of 1/B/B on an Atari 7800? I think it's reversed but can never keep this straight.

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Some donkey kong tips: Use the hammer on the barrel levels, you get 800 points for smashing each barrel vs 100 for jumping them. On the rivet level, save the hammer for last so you can maximize your time bonus, (since there's only 1 thing to hammer) Pretty straight forward. The only thing that really screws me up is fireballs randomly changing direction as I'm trying to jump over them.

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Each challenge is intended to be a month challenge. Because the Ninatari Challenge didn't start on the Nov.1  to get a full month, I'm extending the deadline to Decemeber 7. Post ANY score for all 7 games to earn your participation point. The challenge scores will still be applicable throughout the year to earn a challenge badge with your high score. New challenge for December coming tomorrow.

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December Challenge: Sequels

There weren't a ton of part 2's for the Atari library, and the ones that were made tend to be overshadowed by the more well known original.

You have until midnight (VGS time) Decemeber 31, to post your scores to earn badges.


Pitfall 2: challenge score 99k  (199k perfect score)

River Raid 2: Challenge score 60k (Game 1/a/b)

Frogger 2: Challenge score 5k

Qberts Qubes: Challenge score 60k (GAME 1/A/A)

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Frogger 2 is pretty confusing unless you look in the manual to see what is safe to step and what is dangerous.

Each level consists of 3 screens:


Safe: Sea Turtle

Danger: everything else

get bubbles for points

goal: fill the berths in the 3 logs

advance to next surface by landing on a non-hole section of log


everything is safe except the boat, the hippos when standing, or the mama duck if she catches you riding on her babies

turtles and whales dive intermittently and lilly pads disappear when you step off them.

goal: fill the life preserver berth dragging behind the boat

jump in water to get to previous screen, or jump on mama duck to advance to the air


jump and get progressively higher with each hop

get butterflies for points

Safe: Zepplins, birds

Danger: Dragons, Airplanes, bats, black edges

Goal: Get into the cloud berth

fall through hole in bouncy cloud to return to the surface.

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57 minutes ago, G-type said:


How do your kung fu skills transfer from NES to Atari? I kinda of suck at both, but I've at least looped the NES version. Here, I only made it to the 3rd floor.

I can loop the NES game as well. I'm still new to Atari Kung Fu. I've only played it twice so far. So I'm still getting a hang of the controls. I have to say that I'm really impressed with this version of the game. I think its really good. 

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I cleared out all the old patch graphics, and will be doing it in a separate gallery now, just below the scoreboard. To encourage participation in the monthly challenges, only games featured in the spotlight challenges will you be able to earn badges. High scores for any game can still be posted at any time

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A late update for Q*berts Qubes. Make sure you switch to Difficulty A to start from level 1!! (I just learned this after struggling for a bit) Difficulty B starts at level 6. (this is the inverse of the traditional difficulty switch usage)

The qube in the upper left is a model of what you are trying to rotate the others to match. (4 in a row)

unlike the arcade version, you don't get a visual of the cube actually rotating, (it just flashes color) but the cube DOES rotate to a new side, it will rotate in whichever direction you jump off.

A strategy that is work for me is to go for the cubes that have one of the 2 front facing sides match, and then spin the cube on whichever axis will maintain that face until the rest matches.

try to avoid the 2  cubes in the 2nd row from the top as much as possible, as this is where the enemies spawn.

on the bonus rounds, you spin each cube freely (without hopping away until you've made it match).

I'm starting to get much better at this, but in retrospect, I may have set the challenge score too high. (I typically set challenge scores by aligning it to the median score posted in the Atariage High Scores contest).




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