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Flintstones Dino Peak

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Went in to the local store today and they kindly showed me this.  It made my day because this is the first time seeing it in the wild and I actually got to hold it.

Sorry for the bad pics but their lighting is terrible in the store.


Now I will say I was a little perturbed to hear they took a magic eraser to it to get sharpie off the cart and LABEL?  Nooooooooo!  Whyyyyyyy!  Not this game.  Needless to say some of the texture was smoothed. Label has a little bubbling and the cart has some of that light white abraded coloring to it. 

If anyone is interested let me know.  He said they would probably go down to $1400 US.

They also have it for sale on ebay which shows the board.  Here is the user selling it.Screenshot_20220324-154554_eBay.thumb.jpg.e50e8f3981ebfae7a864dcc47a238c73.jpg

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Sigh.  So many sellers with a complete disregard for condition.  Also, if you own a store I would expect you to be a professional.  That means using a method to remove marker that doesn’t involve a belt sander.  Sorry.  I don’t know if I took away the right message from this post 😂 

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I agree....if you own a game store you should know a few proper ways to take care of a rare games needs...knowing the correct way to clean a rare game is a MUST...I personally think that's to high of a price vs condition for that game...but I thank you for posting it...I've always gotten a lot of help collecting games on this site from this community of awesome people...thank you thank you and you guys keep being awesome...

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3 hours ago, Trifecta said:

How would you guys get sharpie writing off of a cart?

I have varying results using the cover it with dry erase marker and then wipe it off method. Although it’s pretty much the alcohol in the dry erase marker that makes that work so IPA and qtip is probably just as effective. 

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