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Edit: Someone was in touch with Krikzz link in first post


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With the ongoing issues in the Ukraine and Krikzz, the producer of the most popular flashcarts being based in Ukraine, it might be a good idea to get them now if you were ever intending too. Not to say something may happen to him directly but his supply chains could be disrupted, mail system get screwed up, who knows what else


Edit: Someone got in contact with Krikzz his area has been under attack


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3 hours ago, OptOut said:

This is UNDOUBTELY the biggest issue currently facing the world due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the start of World War III! 🤣

To be fair I posted this before shots were fired (or before I saw it, I dont know what time it actually occurred at) I didn’t actually think Russian would start shooting. I figured they do more squeezing first

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Did anybody else see the more popular, and horrifying (as far as our community goes), version of that update that's been floating around?  If not, point your eyes below, and understand why I typically despise most people who first and foremost call themselves "gamers."  (It's fine to play games, but 95%+ of the people I've ever met who identify themselves in that way first and foremost are basically enormous douchebags, assholes, etc.)


Gotta love that question with everything that's going on (especially considering the crib with the dude's baby in it at the top of the photo).  There just aren't words for this level of self involvement and lack of concern for anyone else.

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  • The title was changed to Edit: Someone was in touch with Krikzz link in first post
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7 hours ago, LeatherRebel5150 said:

Krikzz says manufacturing may start up again soon

That's fantastic.  After word came that he and his family were safe, I really wondered about this, as I imagine he had to leave all of his gear, supplies, etc., at home, which has most likely been shelled due to the ongoing war on his doorstep.  Equally hated the idea of him losing his business/livelihood as a result of having to flee as well as the impact that would have on retro gaming should Everdrives suddenly vanish completely from the market.

Does anyone know if he outsources the actual assembly of his products in addition to things like having circuit boards printed, etc.?  I always had it in my head that he kind of did everything himself, but thinking about it logically now, it would make a lot more sense for him to only do prototyping and maybe warranty repair himself, in his home shop, and have everything else done for him in a factory somewhere else, maybe with finished product shipped to him to mail out as it's purchased.  If it's done for him, I'd imagine that it would be relatively easy to restart things at a different location, although there is the potential for the loss of more recent research, prototyping, software updates, etc., if that stuff wasn't digital (either on a portable drive or laptop to go with him or in the cloud for access anywhere).

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