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I need your opinion on something.



I want to put a lemon in for Frank to bite and gain health in before the final "battle." (I call it a battle even though it'll be just Frank dodging shots for two minutes.) I designed two lemons. For those who haven't looked closely at a lemon, it has these tiny little bumps on them, which is what I was trying to convey. But what color should I make them? The one on the left has them middle gray (like the grass) and the one on the right has them white (like the background). I can't decide which picture to put in the game.



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Personally, the right one looks better to me. It's a difficult shape to convey though, isn't it? I thought I'd share this since I looked up "greyscale lemon" on image search. There are a lot of different images, but the key I'd think is trying to add a bit more visual distinctiveness to it. In this, for example, you can see the interior of the fruit. In some other examples, the pitting is done only in small amounts, or at the edges of the shape, which might make them stand out more (vs the entire surface being pitted).


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Of the original 2 the one on the right was def. better.  This latter one is better yet though since it shows some depth.  I find myself imagining it darker (a bit of shadow) on the far side (left) opposite the white dots though.

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I kind of liked it lighter because I feel it conveys the idea of a bright yellow color better.  Just my opinion.  The revised pic looks good also.  Either would work.

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Lighter. I say put the light gradient on the top left, and a dark gradient on the bottom right.

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Oh, and you could divide the lemon into four quads.  They can all then be the same image flipped and rotated with pallet swaps.

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