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Boss beginning



My stomach still hurts. It's not so much my stomach, it's more hemmorhoids. I've tried various things to ease the pain. Neosporin, Trader Joe's skin cream. I'm going to try petroleum jelly next. I wish I could stop needing to poop so it can heal more. To try to get my mind off it, I've been programming the beginning of the final boss battle in Frank the Fruit Fly. Level 6 couldn't go on much longer, I only had 17% of bank 6 free. So I decided to put the final boss fight in bank 7. Bank 7 is my last bank. It's where I'll also put the ending and a game over screen.


First, I made a boss song. Second, I made a boss background. Third, I made a timer. The timer is necessary because the boss "fight" will be two minutes of dodging enemy rocks coming towards you.

The timer works great after I got it to actually count down. Right now, when it reaches zero, it will say 0:255, which will of course be changed, because that's when the ending will begin playing.

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