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Bears are hard to draw.



And now it's time for the final bosses in the game. It's getting near the end of my programming this game. The bosses will span out for a couple of screens. I was going to make the bosses be bears. But bears are hard to draw. So I decided to not make them be bears. I have made them cats. These cats look different than the cat in level 1.


After a rough screen of throwing rocks at Frank, the cat decided to take a snooze. Your job as Frank is to pass the cat without waking him up. I'll leave it a secret on how to not wake him up. I am wondering if I should go back and redraw the cat in level 1. They look so unalike. I think the first animal I ever drew in my entire life was a cat. They're just so easy to draw. Bears, not so. My bear ended up looking unbearlike, so I switched the bear to a cat and it looks much better.

The second cat fight (no pun intended) will be like the final boss fight in that lovely classic Game Boy game Super Mario Land. Although instead of shooting at the cat, you have to dodge his shots for a couple of minutes without completely dying. I'll try to remember to put in a lemon for Frank to eat before this fight happens.

After I program in the boss fight, there's still work to be done. I need to make a game over screen and add in an ending. These things I will put in bank 7, the last bank (if I want to keep the game the size it is now. Which I do because I don't have any more ideas for screens.)


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