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  1. He is right though, there was a sharp decline starting in parts of 2018 into 2019 where it was easy to notice. Stuff had finally hit this mythical cap us wanted to see years earlier happen. Prices just stopped increasing except on some legit true honest rares, not all the puffed up majority bullshit on stuff. You had plateaus on some stuff, others just started going downward at a clip, and then some swung after flatness for a time. I had been observing the Gameboy (all) and DS markets since I was buying in that, casually watching a few other Nintendo based things too. I went crazy time in
  2. Maybe the local values will shift higher then, because as people figure it out and don't want to let the turds in power who passed this gem get away with it, there will be quite a bit more flooded locally into the area. It'll have many of them competing to get your money, but they'll also want to try and retain the values they got off ebay minus the evaded fees. Of course the seller will pop back saying, you're not paying the IRS either, so who knows. 20% drop?
  3. You've gone post happy, but I will save you the trouble, unless you're buying it just straight up for collection purposes as it'll be the 'rare' Nintendo console (as the VB is the 'rare' portable, and GB Micro(and Light in Japan) the rare handheld.) Or if you hack it, it's a damn fine warez box. But for an actual console, it's crap, the firmware is defectively made and always lagged, just less than at launch, and the games, there's borderline nothing left of value not put in better form on better systems since.
  4. He has a good point there, you're robbing yourself the easier and more halfassed hand out style of play you attempt. At some point, sure you saw the end, but you beat nothing, it was handed to you. Which leads to the other good point, spamming endless saves and on those Nintendo CEs, using the rewind each screw up, it means you did nothing, but cheated your way to the end. There was no challenge, no victory, just an extreme use of the old rental store credo... be kind, rewind.
  5. There's nothing I can add that hadn't been said already or will I'd type but it's late. I gave it a 9 though, after all these years looking back I find it hard to choose between that and the SNES so I couldn't give either a 10 likely, though if I did, SNES would be it due to improvement/refinement alone by a small margin.
  6. Yeah mine did on the 15th and out of California which surprised me. Should be here earlier next week. Was happy to see shipping was less this time around, and that they're using Fedex not Oops(UPS) that likes to break every box if not drive a hole into them.
  7. Ooooh tempting, even if I still have the originals on NGPC still.
  8. @SpoonMan Abrams X Good, hell, great example there. Capcom did redeem themselves kind of, Mega Man X was shockingly good on PC, yet strangely they redid the music from scratch so it does sound similar but obviously not the same as on SNES. At least the game looks and otherwise plays fine unlike those 2 atrocities from the original series.
  9. Yeah I own it, finished it. It basically is the style of Zelda II and they did it on purpose as I recall. I guess you can either like it or hate it, but it handles about the same, aged play style and all except it's not hard.
  10. The first adventure time game on 3DS is a very intentionally direct knock off of Zelda 2.
  11. Even the first post there said the truth. When it came out. When it was for sale prior to the PSone with optionally boxed lcd add on it was the PSX. That didn’t change for a good while. I still call it what Sony did. Only since they kept reusing the name and because I do have the combo it’s now the psone.
  12. That’s good. I’ll have to keep an eye out. Mana is really love to try. Have to see more about prinny.
  13. Loose. More is nice but typically pointless as my reading is shot and then I’d have to store it too.
  14. You got into something I wish I could attempt. Problem is eBay brings out the worst in people especially on niche stuff like that. Good job getting it.
  15. No idea who that kid is, but I am well aware of the price disparity as I killed it on that JP lot I got through zen market vs eBay. I’d love to have someone who could just scoop like old GB maybe FC stuff too. Kid in a candy store situation there.
  16. Ooooh digital only? I liked that one prinny on psp I had but the other I still never got to on PS1. If it’s of the quality the FF9 physical release got is grab that. Still need to do Trials though on switch.
  17. Super glue does that elmers glue stick and a razor seriously just slice a teeny piece off and get it as far under the curl and lay flat as you retract away with the razor. Then keep that nice warm thumb on it for at least five minutes. Problem solved. Dries clear. Wipe excess off after.
  18. Ok sun bleaching aside that’s impressive. Copy I had originally I got in the US in English but still that’s all there.
  19. Go for it use Duolingo to start along with the videos I supplied and find the companion books(3) in pdf and you’ll be set for elementary level Japanese. That’s more than enough for old games. Worked for me when I was fluent enough.
  20. Keep digging I’d love to get some rock solid facts to decide from Really leaning on cash only to dump things locally, hoarding as I did with my pre-2005 original collection. Or just trading online or it in for rip-off level abuse as half price/GameStop and if that seems wrong there’s the dumpster. Yeah I’m serious I’d last resort trash stuff before paying tax on garage sale goods. That may shock a few and sound like a vengeful dick move but I paid taxes to get the money to buy it, taxed again to buy it too, not going to get triple taxed to dump it.
  21. Duo analogue later this year. As far as what I see you’re best with a Japanese Duo-rx as they don’t have crap caps and build quality like the others. If you had zero disc interest then the cod grafx 2. That’s what I have i can read a good many of those game spines and wow there’s some nice stuff in that stash. You need to be able to use them. id suggest a turbo everdrive but seems senseless for now. Later this year or next like his md/genesis kit he just updated. The turbo will too and it supposed to get ISO disc support negating the reason for a sketchy old cd drive. I’m goi
  22. Other than the ugly green spine/edge I didn’t mind the PS1 cheapie discs without color. The only time I put up with the green was the absence of better. Had doom and aliens for awhile like that. Got rid of alien and the other a mind blowing miss stickering at half price put 15 bucks on the black label jewel doom. Couldn’t get in line fast enough for that. Beautiful disc on that too.
  23. @fcgamer sure I’d take rockman even with the wear as it’s a solid price on a really nice little game I do appreciate that i don’t see cotton in the other spread. Ogre battle, gals fighter and a pachinko-slot machine game arise did. Cotton is tempting but I’ve written it off. Whenever they bother to send it I’ve got a physical Switch release paid for already. You’re right I like to read up on strange Gameboy things and that is a weird one alright.
  24. Nice games, but of all those that 4in1 is the one if I ever found it somewhere I'd snap up as the fun selection there is worth it.
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