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  1. For reference, the two styles. The ZBag logo varies in the placement sometimes for some odd reason.
  2. Added more items, will continue adding some more so keep checking back!
  3. It looks to be in decent shape from the pics. Unfortunately it does have sharpie. If you sell it don't take any less than $60 for it just from looking at those pics.
  4. Yes. It is an authentic Nintendo Z Bag. There are a few different styles. They are usually Blue with a red interior and yellow zippers. This one is an uncommon style.
  5. Not sure what made me want to pick this up, but why not.
  6. 2 years in a row. Miracle in Miami and now this. I can't believe the Fins won today. Actually surprised.
  7. I forgot to take pics, but thanks to @RegularGuyGamer for the Nintendo Powers and NES manual! I will update with pics when I get the chance.
  8. Mega Tank


    Thanks for the heads up. We have already spoken.
  9. Target used to sell a 6 pack of personal pizzas. They were pretty decent. I have not seen them for some time at any local Target.
  10. Really? I have just used the search bar with no need for Captcha. Maybe too many bots have been flooding them to find items?
  11. I genuinely prefer XBOX over Playstation... however, I am contemplating just spending on a gaming PC this time around. Decisions decisions... I feel like they need to name this console something else. It reminds me of the Wii -> WiiU fiasco.
  12. https://brickseek.com It's about to be 2020, get with the times.
  13. If the item is in the game, it is fair play.
  14. What next Garret is a good coach?
  15. At least most of us aren't delusional about being Super Bowl bound year after year.
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