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  1. I'm a fan of general celebrity douchebaggery, so I dig it. Not going to pay for any of his fights anyway. Hope he gets a real fight soon. Pretty funny how he was awarded the "title." Lol.
  2. Alright. Yall wanna school a crypto noob please? What platform do you trade on? Should I expect fees? Are you buying Bit, Ether, Doge, etc? Time to cut some teeth.
  3. I still have some good P games I'd be willing to trade for NNX games if anyone is interested.
  4. The Nintendo is THE GREATEST OF ALL TIMES of course. Just like Mike Tyson in his prime. When he was on the Nintendo.
  5. Went to Diamond Thai for lunch today. Pineapple pork curry with potatoes. I got "hot" because I'm afraid to get "Thai hot." Tasty.
  6. While I agree with the sentiment, the "regular" Nintendo, similar to the PS, is simply the Nintendo. All subsequent machines are clearly differentiated by their moniker.
  7. There used to be a Bruxie restaurant in Denver that did bombass fried chicken and waffles sandwiches. Holy shit they were good. Place only lasted about a year. While my paltry imitation is pretty tasty, it's got nothing on Bruxie. I think there's still a couple in Cali and one in Vegas.
  8. Chicken n waffles sandwich ala Mickey Mouse with dino nuggets, butterd up bacon, and Aunt Jemimah.
  9. Just wrapped up an early Heinlein novella courtesy of @Tabonga. Themes were pretty heavy handed but enjoyable enough.
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