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Documenting the weirder aspects of the NES






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Famicom Data Recorder - A Guide To Finally Saving Your Excitebike Tracks

The Following is a guide on how to use a tape deck with your NES to save data on Wrecking Crew, Excitebike, and Mach Rider.  These games originally used what was know in Japan as the Famicom Data Recorder to permanently save custom tracks, scores, and levels. Unfortunately, a peripheral that allowed such functionality for the NES was never released. This is despite the fact that the functionality remains programmed within the cartridges. For over 30 years, NES users have had to live with the unf



Famicom Data Recorder - It's Cooler than you'd think!

Links included are to videos examples of tape drive in action unless noted   I do not have access to an actual data recorder, but I have extensively used a generic tape deck with both the Famicom, and more Recently, an NES using a slightly modified Enio Expansion board.    Tape Deck loading works with 6 Japanese Famicom titles. Those are Family BASIC, Excitebike, Wrecking Crew, Mach Rider, Lode Runner, and Castle Excellent. In the United States, support was preemptively left



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