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  1. It took me some time and compromise to get a CIB Miracle Piano. Good luck hopefully you can find one for cheap!
  2. I'm going cart only mostly. The 17 i am missing are: Bonks Adventure Bubble Bath Babes Duck Tales 2 Godzilla 2 Gun Nac Hot Slots Jetsons Kid Klown Little Samson Mighty Final Fight Myriad 6 in 1 Peek a Boo Poker Scat Snow Brothers Stadium Events Sword Master TMNT Tournament Fighters. Now, before I sold off back in 2017 I was only missing Stadium Events, the 3 Panesians and Myriad. I've since gone on to collect other systems, am 4 away for a full Wii U set, 5 away on Odyssey 2 and various placement
  3. Looking to grab a few odds and ends for my collection NES Console Boxes Im looking for the last console variant currently. Im interested in box and Styrofoam or complete. This is the Challenge Set Dr Mario Pill Label variant. NES Overlord Manual WCW Manual Wizardry Manual Guardian Legend related items Japanese Guardic Gaiden (Guardian Legend) strategy guide/visual book
  4. ...but am now joining. I was around NA for a bit while collecting my NES set. After finding myself out of work in the summer of 2017 I had to sell a rather large portion of my near complete NES set (I was missing Stadium Events, the Panesian set and Myriad) In the years since I've worked to buy back what I lost, and am now down to 17 loose carts for a full set. Its weird being this close again. Hopefully this place will be a good resource for knowledge as NA and other places are. So, with that said hello everyone! Glad to be here.
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