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  1. Gloves will never forgive you if you kill him again.
  2. You look like the angry videogame nerd.
  3. You guys are funny. You act like only Republicans are rich and that no more stimulus only negatively effects Democrats. Here's a thought, why don't people save better? Why don't people manage their money better? Why is it up to the government to come swooping on again and again and again to bail people out? Not to mention all the people who didn't go back to work because they were making more from unemployment than they did when they worked. Why work when I can get a nice handout from uncle Sam? Sure another stimulus would help, but man, people really need to get their act together financially
  4. F*ck twin galaxies. POS organization. Billy Mitchell is one of the gaming GOATS. Who TF cares if he didn't play on an original PCB.
  5. Why is she a farce? I thought they did pass several stimulus packages. They can't give money away for free forever. Plus Pelossi was the one holding up the deal.
  6. By that logic, if you vote for Jorgensen, you're also voting for Biden. I agree, the Libertarians could get their messages across better. One day there will be a competitive 3rd party, or perhaps a replacement for the Republican party.
  7. The percentage is misleading. The odds are so small that a 360% increase almost means nothing. It'd be like playing the lottery. If your odds of winning are 1 in a million, buying 3 more tickets really doesn't change your odds in a meaningful way. Now if this was going from a .1% chance to .5 or even .01% to .05, that'd be alarming.
  8. If people really hate Trump and Biden so much, why don't they vote for Jo Jorgensen? If you take one of those quizzes, you'll probably be surprised how much you match up with her. jo20.com
  9. FYI, in the U.S, cops kill more white people every year by shooting them than any other race. https://www.statista.com/statistics/585152/people-shot-to-death-by-us-police-by-race/ Your chance of being shot to death by a cop if you're white is .00000148%. Your chance of being shot to death by a cop if you're black is .00000534%. https://www.statista.com/statistics/183489/population-of-the-us-by-ethnicity-since-2000/
  10. This guy gets it. Yes, wtf happened in CHAZ or CHOP? Why does that get a pass?
  11. It is so difficult to take you seriously. They probably don't have the perpetrators named "Left wing extremists". They probably have whatever name the group called themselves or are a part of. No one is saying right ring terrorism doesn't exist or is a much bigger problem than left wing terrorism. We're trying to point out that left wing terrorism exists and is a problem, albeit, a lesser problem than right wing terrorism. You should read this piece too and do some more of your own research. https://www.csis.org/analysis/escalating-terrorism-problem-united-states
  12. I almost took this post seriously before remembering you enjoy trolling people. How are you still denying left wing terrorism exists? What more do you need? Unless you really are just trolling again. If you actually look at the data, they have tons of data points for each terrorist attack. They're also not deciding what is left wing terrorism and what is right wing terrorism. When they refer to perpetrator groups they say stuff like "White Supremacists" "Pro LGBT Rights Extremists" "Male Supremacists" "Anti-government Extremists" and so on. You as the reader can tie the groups to whatever side
  13. I'll just leave this right here for anyone who thinks there aren't left wing terrorists. Between 2010 and 2016, 53 percent of terrorist attacks in the United States were carried out by religious extremists — 35 percent by right-wing extremists and 12 percent by left-wing or environmentalist extremists, according to a University of Maryland-led consortium that studies terrorism. https://www.nytimes.com/article/what-antifa-trump.html
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