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Mystery item discovered: What the heck IS this thing?


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Mystery time, gather round fellas! So my wife bought one of those kids blind bag things for my son. You know the sort of package stores make filled with random assorted toys and whatever they couldn't sell the legit way, so they just sell it as a surprise to trick dumb people into buying it.

Inside was this bizarre object, and for the life of me I cannot figure out what the heck it is, or is supposed to do:


It swivels on the middle section, but is hollow the way through from one side to the other.


One side of the object has a little flap you can open and close, surrounded by... air holes?


The other side contains black foam and has a big rubber seal around the end with a hole in the middle:


The entire thing can be taken apart into its constituent elements. Doing so reveals very little more to explain its function or purpose:


So... I'm pretty much stumped here fellas! What the frick am I dealing with here? Bong? Alien dildo? Portal gun?

My only real clue is the rubber seals and various sieve and gauze elements, which would seem to suggest this is meant for use with fluids if some kind... Perhaps a filter system? I mean, seriously, help me out here, what the heck dudes... And why was it put in a kids' surprise bag, what kind of sick joke is this, lol?!

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Wow, good work guys, made quick work of this one! Yeah, I guess I see it now, shower head... A tiny, pink, brittle showerhead, bound to shatter into a thousand sharp pieces as soon as even a trickle of water gets put through it!

Who would have suspected such an item from this innocent looking surprise bag? Gotta tell my wife to quit buying cheap shit for the kids, I end up throwing almost all that broken plastic crap away within days...


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