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Super Smash Bros. Melee 20th Anniversary


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I remember being blown away seeing that intro the first few times at the Lexington Circuit City...I still think the trophies make for a fantastic tech demo of just what the GC can do.  This is what I miss most is when even launch titles from the newest system have that special wow factor compared to what even the best of the previous gen could do. All the more reason I was/am SUPER disappointed that the Wii trophies won't let you zoom all the way in and really see every nook/cranny/polygon in detail.

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5 hours ago, Estil said:

RIP Smash???  This is still the go to version in actual Smash tournaments!

I meant the franchise, this was the best, and now it's a mess unless you're just into online play basically.  Kind of like how FPS and RTS games have been campaign (1P) side wrecked for online trolls.

The Gamecube game is just fantastic, and you should see it using a HDMI adapter for the GC digital port, it stands up exceptionally well even now.

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