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Any Credit Card Compromises From Retrozone?

Code Monkey

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3 hours ago, captmorgandrinker said:

How often do you use that card?   Even if it's a recent compromise, it can be from some older database that got exposed.

Rarely. I use my debit card maybe once a year and my credit card not much more.

I have monthly bills for reputable things like Google email and AWS subscriptions but the only 4 things I've used this card for outside of those in the last 4 months are:

- Wata

- retrousb.com

- local gas station

- local car wash

The gas station and car wash are only because I had to prepare my car for winter storage, I rarely ever use credit cards to pay for those, it's a once a year deal. The fraudulent charges were for a parking lot in Atlanta and Openpay in Mexico. When I spoke with my bank, they told me there have been a few hundred cards compromised in this Openpay scandal.

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