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Judge Dredd Pre-Production Box


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Hey all, just wanted to share and get some opinions on this Judge Dredd box I picked up a while back. 

The artwork is different (more zoomed in), and the logos have different placement, as well as the ESRB rating being different (rated T like the other console releases, whereas the retail release of Judge Dredd was rated KA). The back of the box is mostly blank, plain white box instead of a UPC, and the flap code is DMG XX USA. 

I'm pretty sure I know what it's from, for lack of a better way to put it, but I'd love to hear some opinions on it. 


(Hope this imgur works) 

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Yeah, it's a trade show (likely CES) display box.  As Hybrid pointed out, many have that tear in the back based on some sort of double sided tape to mount it.  I have had a few for the NES pass through my hands and think I still have a Double Dragon 3.

Limbo sold a Wolverine NES box in real nice shape for $300, though I personally have no idea what the "market" is for something like this: 


I'm nearly positive I saw a WATA graded empty display box, so factor that in for potential pricing spikes if true.

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