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  1. Bump. Also interested in ANY discs related to the games in the OP.
  2. That's cool. Things have come a long way since the parallel port days, but it's fun to play with old tech.
  3. Looking for an EZ-Flash III complete in box: with cable, linker, cart and CD. Mint or vgc. Cart size doesn't matter. Also interested in a bootleg? version using an LPT connector called EZ-Flash B. Please see pic.
  4. In a way, yes. I've been waiting over 10 years, for the Resident Evil/Biohazard 0 N64 builds to be leaked. People no doubt remember the whole RE 1.5 thing and how long that took. While I enjoy hoarding rare physical items, pre-release data is an exception. A private back up does not always guarantee that the data will be preserved; and if perceived decreased value of the media is the issue, a fundraiser can be organized for a public release. I'm not talking about anyone in particular btw, just my 2c
  5. The only thing that really pisses me off, is when something highly desirable gets teased and then denied those fans who have been waiting decades for it. I get that it's their property and maybe they just want to show it off, but sometimes it's better not to imho.
  6. Looking for the following. I have confirmed some of these to exist, hence the additional details. I'd like to list Resident Evil here, but that's an extremely long shot! Deathtrap Dungeon 1996/ 1997/1998 (Any PC/PS1 builds) Ghost in the Shell (11/4/97) Ghost in the Shell (JPN 6/13/97) Oddworld - Abe's Oddysee (7-18-97) The City of Lost Children (23-12-96)
  7. Sorry, I don't have any of these. I am also looking to buy them.
  8. Any have one of these lying around? It's basically a folder containing eight printed sheets, promoting their games. Offering $300 for a complete example.
  9. The problem always seems to begin when someone who has a desirable prototype wants to show it off. This triggers certain individuals to get mad because they feel that it should be made public now that they are aware of it's existence. Btw, if anyone owns Resident Evil 0 for the N64, it's about time it was dumped ya know
  10. Looking for Sailor Moon Action flipz C4 and SP. Also interested in the following expo program guides. AnimeCon 1991 Anime Expo 1992 Anime Expo 1993 Anime Expo 1994 Otakon 1994 Otakon 1995 Otakon 1996 Otakon 1997 Otakon 1998 Otakon 1999
  11. I will always be on the side of preservation when it comes to prototypes, even if it means a private dump is all that exists. There are still some protos I would kill to see released, though! I am mostly intersted in PS1 games, and have dumped a few discs before. In the end I get to keep the physical media and the data is safer out there than only with me.
  12. Yes, this makes finding perfect copies a challenge. OmegaRod's copy is very nice, and one would be hard-pressed to find a better one. The only exceptions to the rule I've seen are some releases where the the box is made of a thicker cardboard such as Daggerfall, and the shrink has vent holes. In these cases however, the shrink will likely start to break instead. Choose one
  13. I'd rather a mint unsealed copy than a sealed copy tbh. Sticker seals are pointless since the box still gets damaged, and shrink-wrap tends to crush the life out of boxes, so you get a crumpled "fair/ acceptable" copy.
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