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Yet another in his 30's saying hi

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I was born in the 80s so I believe I'm the typical Atari -> NES generation. Started with an Atari 2600 clone (CCE VG3000*) playing River Raid, Kangaroo, Enduro, Space Invaders and others. Then in the end 80s/90s a cousin got a NES that came with SMB/Duck Hunt (my nickname and avatar says it all), we used to rent games and play together. In the 2010's I found her NES and kept it, believing it was an original NES. Only recently I took it out of the box to clean and try playing it, then I figured it was just a cheap clone that doesn't even work.

By the mid 90s an aunt went to United States (oh yeah, I'm from Brazil by the way) and brought an *original* Mega Drive (Genesis). I had a MK2 with the box and everything that I traded for a Road Rash 2, label coming off and all. I was just so sick and tired of MK2 but now I feel sorry for this stupid trade. Whatever... My mom kept this console also but without it's controllers. When I found it I got so hyped and bought Sonic 2 and Altered Beast for the "collection". I still don't even know if the console works.

More recently (early 2020) I've been watching the AVGN and I just love when he shows his shelves, full of Atari, NES and Mega Drive cartridges, looks like a personal rent store. I always feel a hard nostalgia over the cartridges: their shape, their feel on the hands, the sounds they make when you put it in the system or take it out and put it on the ground.

I'm not after a huge, comprehensive collection. I have a small beer glass collection, a small computer storage collection and these items I just mentioned, which barely qualifies a collection.

* You know 'rage quitting' right? This model created the 'rage biters'. When we kids were frustrated by the game, for some reason we used to bite the controller's stick I don't know why it just was there, asking for it. It's very hard to find one in good shape nowadays. pic related.



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Here's another type of collection that I studied and kind of started but that's too much for my pockets: movie memorabilia.


This is an original page from one of the Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back storyboard, signed by Denis Muren, ILM's visual arts supervisor.


I chose this one because it's one of the most iconic scenes in the movie, when Yoda lifts the X-Wing from the Dagobah swamp, right after the " do or do not" speech.



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