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aarthurn: Canadian, Recovering and Relapsing Collector

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Hello All,

Canadian retro game enthusiast here.  Had a sizable collection about 10 years ago and sold it off, mostly through the Canadian site cgcc.ca  made enough money to buy a nice road bike that took me all around Ontario and beyond.   No regrets.  Now I like tinkering a bit with old hardware.  

Been gaming since first playing on my cousin's 2600.  Then loving the NES, Genesis, Saturn and Dreamcast.   

After the sell off it was hosting gaming parties with a newly purchased Wii U that got me back into games.   Slowly my new more focused collection is growing. 

Currently Consoles Owned:

  • NES (HDMI Modded)
  • Genesis (Rad2x cables)
  • SNES (Rad2x cables)
  • Saturn (Rad2x cables)
  • PS2 (component)
  • Dreamcast (VGA)
  • Wii (component)
  • HDMI Era: PS3, Wii U, PS4, Xbox One 

Trying to hold back on collecting too many games I won't play.

Enjoy mostly 2D platformers but 3D racers and fighting games are amazing too...

Love me mostly indie games now a days.  As a parent I need to play arcade like short experiences I find.

Glad to join the community. 



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